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Interactive Investor – the world’s largest investment audience brought to you by the UK’s leading independent broker.

Direct access to affluent investors and consumers

Interactive investor has the most up-market user profile of any UK website that accepts advertising (source: Nielsen research).

80% of our users have an AB social grade.

Our typical site user is an AB male living and working in London and the South east, aged 45 with a high level of income and a significant investment portfolio (source: Forrester research)

Our website numbers

  • Ranked No 1 globally for investment information ( 2011)

  • 1,510,866 unique users a month (ABCe 2011)

  • Top commercial website in the UK to reach the richest audience (Nielsen net ratings)

  • Generating 40,395,248 page impressions a month (ABCe 2011)

  • 80% upmarket AB users (Forrester research)

  • One of the leading independent execution only stockbrokers in the UK, many thousands of investors manage their investment portfolios from our site.

  • C.100,000 Opt-in Solus email database directly reaching our investment audience.

  • C.170,000 Opt-in Newsletter Readers - reach our active day traders

  • Average user age is 45

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Sales Manager
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Solus Emails can be segmented from a list of over 100,000 names

Newsletters reach 170,000 users

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