HaloSource To Donate Excess Astrea Crowdfunding To Charity

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LONDON (Alliance News) - HaloSource Inc on Monday said its recently launched Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign achieved its USD50,000 goal and it intends to donate the rest of the funds to charity.

The stock was untraded in London on Monday at 1.50 pence per share.

On March 22, the clean water technology company begun the fundraising campaign on the Indiegogo platform. It was expected to run for 30 days and crowdfund pre-orders of HaloSource's new daily-use filtering water bottle Astrea in the US.

The company on Monday announced that it will donate USD5.0 for every Astrea bottle sold during the rest of the campaign to the Flint Child Health & Development Fund of the Foundation for Flint in the US state of Michigan. HaloSource also said that two special-edition bottles are now available for purchase.

"We're very pleased with this initial response to our Indiegogo campaign. It's a validation that there is broad interest in a portable solution that can filter out lead and other heavy metals from drinking water," said HaloSource Chief Executive James Thompson.

"The city of Flint was hit hard by the lead crisis, and we wanted to make sure that a part of our campaign was giving back to families directly impacted," Thompson continued. "Our hope is that moving forward, our astrea bottle will better protect families from lead exposure in their drinking water."

By Evelina Grecenko; [email protected]

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