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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property
Covering copyright, patents, designs and trade marks, Intellectual Property (IP) rights are a form of protection that gives the owner the ability to take legal action under civil law to try and stop others from making, using, importing or selling their creation. The type of protection you need depends on what you have created.

It is just as important to make sure that you don't infringe the IP rights of other companies. Learn more about copyright, designs, patents and trademarks by using the links below. There are case studies that show how other businesses took expert advice to develop and protect their new products and services.

Register and protect your Intellectual Property

A summary of the key facts about registering and protecting IP, including copyrights, designs, patents and trademarks

Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

The IPO is the official government body responsible for granting IP rights in the UK and provides expert advice and support services to businesses

British Library Business & Intellectual Property Centre

Available for free, the British Library has one of the best collections of IP information in the UK, as well as online resources and workshops

Online IP health check

The IPO online tool is free to use and provides you with a confidential report on how well your business protects and exploits its IP asset

IP Equip

Free, interactive training for business from the IPO

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