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The Oil Man: Victoria Oil & Gas

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The Oil Man: Victoria Oil & Gas

Victoria Oil & Gas

A flash blog this morning as I have back-to-back meetings with a great set of industry leaders. More of that in due course. I couldn't let the Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) announcement go without a mention as it is of profound importance.

Today's news from the company says that the La-107 well has found another 23 metres of wet gas sand in the lower Logbaba formation making a total of 58 metres. This is excellent news on a number of fronts.

The well will be a producer by the end of September and the additional reserves mean that GDC can conclude long-term contracts with high-usage customers. The demand for gas in Douala way exceeds what GDC can supply so this extra production is enormously profitable and adds significant value to VOG.

I remain convinced that the company is hugely undervalued and that the next few months will show why they are such a rare beast - a virtual monopoly producer with a market that is growing and remains immensely important.

The outlook for VOG is now truly mind-boggling and investors should appreciate how much this adds to the value of the business.

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