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2014: A year of winners and losers

The Colonel provides a review of his portfolio: ITV and Facebook have brought home the bacon, while Tesco and Barclays remain total stinkers.

Taking your portfolio to the pub

The Colonel has been for a walk in Constable country and stumbled across one of many Greene King-owned pubs in East Anglia, turning his thoughts to investing in beer.

Mine is the power and the glory

You have to be an optimist to be a miner. This is what I discovered on a recent and rare foray into the real world of investing, at the Mines and Money Show in London's swish Business Design Centre.

Jumping on the Broadband war wagon

War is hell, as we all know. But war, if you are on the right side, can also be lucrative.

Capital ideas or tricks and mortar?

So they're easing up on the quantitative easing (QE) and, as it turns out, it doesn't just sound like a drastic cure for constipation - it is. That's the effect it had on my portfolio anyway. Coming in tandem with continuing discontent in Commodityland, QE gave it a very nasty case of the runs.

Watching TV can be good for your wallet

The problem with being secretive is that everyone assumes you have secrets. As a consequence, the vox populi is simultaneously intrigued and annoyed. Similarly, not being invited to a party always means in the mind of the non-invitee that it was a rip-snorter of a night that spawned a thousand stories of legend and much laughter.

Jock stocks might ease market shocks

It's nearly June and I am still musing whether to "go away until St Leger Day". The traditional reasons for this hackneyed old "Go away in May…" adage - chiefly market inactivity - have been superseded by the uncomfortable habit of market implosions in the month of August in recent years.

Lloyds black horse has left the muck behind

"We're as mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore." It may surprise you to know that I am a bit of a film buff and much of the goings on of this interminable winter have reminded me of a line from one of my favourite films.

Bucking the ratings agencies and Italian comedy

Two guys talking on the sales floor of a ratings agency in the City: "Geddin, I just did a deal for a Brazilian." "Blimey, that's great," says his mate. "How many noughts in a Brazilian again?"

In a month packed with jokes, rating agencies continue to be about as funny as having your haemorrhoids cauterised.

Nothing new under the Rising Sun

There are many facets to getting old. I've always been a glass-half-full person, but when you get older, the chances are your teeth are sitting at the bottom of it. The late Bob Hope used to say middle age was when your age starts to show around your middle, but at the end of the day, once you're over the hill, you only pick up speed.

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