Mike McCudden

Ride the market waves with a hedge

Mike McCudden shows how to offset an expected loss in your SIPP by using your cash holding to open a hedge.

Oil company M&A - the potential targets and punts

Oil stocks have been the flavour of the past few months as M&A fever has taken a progressively tighter grip on the sector. So, where to look for potential investments in companies that have found oil and may attract a bid in the current climate?

12 rules to beat the markets

Mike McCudden meets day-trading veteran David Rogerson and discovers how his 12 golden rules helped him to play with someone else's money and hit the jackpot.

10 trading tips to keep you sane and solvent

Extreme market volatility over the past year has driven more and more people into short-term trading. Mike McCudden explains how it differs from investing and offers 10 tactics that have stood the test of time.

Twelve days of trading

Mike McCudden meets our Market Maestro - David Rogerson - the winner of our recent highly successful trading competition and asks the Maestro how to get five gold rings and avoid the Christmas goose...

Ride the forex juggernaut

Mike McCudden delves into the non-stop worldwide trading phenomenon of foreign exchange, a market that shifts trillions of dollars worth of transactions on a daily basis.

Trading pairs can keep you sane

Mike McCudden shows how you can keep sane through the market turbulence by using a pairs trade in correlated stocks, as he warns the volatility could be with us for some time to come.

An introduction to CFDs and spread betting

The recent unprecedented volatility on markets presents opportunities for investors willing to turn to CFDs and spread betting, says Mike McCudden.

PEG can prove invaluable for traders

Looking at the ratio of a company's share price to earnings without considering future growth can blind-side you, which is why PEG can prove invaluable, says Mike McCudden.

Update: How to trade the gold boom

The human race has long been obsessed with gold, and its allure to investors is presently at an all-time high. But how should you trade it? Mike McCudden offers his advice.

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