Peter Temple

Peter Temple was an equity analyst for 18 years. In the decades since he quit the City he has been a widely published journalist and author. Here we get straight to the wisdom from the man who makes his living from investing.

How to analyse housebuilders

Housebuilder cyclical sector economic background investor guide education

As cyclicals go, it doesn't get much more typical than housebuilders. Peter Temple explains what makes the sector tick, and how investors can profit from it.

How to trade pairs

Back in the mists of time, Alfred Winslow Jones, an investor in hedge funds, had a simple idea. Buy shares that are likely to go up and offset them with short positions in shares that look overvalued. That way you should get superior returns and can be indifferent to whether or not the market moves up or down.

How to use discounted cash-flow

Discounted cash-flow (DCF) is a common way of valuing companies, often used by analysts as a basis for setting the target prices that have become a common feature of broker notes in recent years. It is, however, far from infallible.

Understanding reinvested return on equity

Return on equity is widely regarded as a key measure that investors should use to judge the quality of a company. But few investors go one stage further and combine this measure with other profit and loss numbers to arrive at a more precise value.

Dividend dates explained

Investors are sometimes puzzled by why high-yielding shares seem sometimes to drop sharply without any apparent reason on a Wednesday. The falls are harmless and the reason is mundane. It is bound up with the way the market takes account of dividend payments.

Top Thai trust surpasses silver

Market weakness was offset by a powerful jump in one trust's share price for the Money Observer Tactical Asset Allocator portfolio, says Peter Temple.

Silver's surge isn't over

Peter Temple says the prospect of more money printing by the Fed and bond buying in Europe is driving up metal prices, as he reviews our tactical asset allocator portfolio.

Passive investing: An introduction to asset allocation

If you focus on it and regularly monitor your holdings, asset allocation is a time honoured investment method that works, says Peter Temple.

Get on track for global returns

Peter Temple says care must be taken when creating a portfolio of passive funds, as he unveils the Money Observer global tactical asset allocator portfolio.

ETF Portfolio: Final update

The two months since the ETF Portfolio was last updated have been what might be described a "steady as she goes" period. The market has recovered some poise, compared to the periodic bout of euro-itis with which it was afflicted last time round.

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