Trends and Targets

Trends and Targets for 23/01/2018

SEVERN TRENT (LSE:SVT) We've been looking through shares not normally covered in our daily blurb in the hope of discovering some candidates for a "ISA 2018 Brigade". Some surprising potentials make themselves known, though SVT isn't one of them. YET!

Trends and Targets for 22/01/2018

FTSE FOR THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) The very best way of starting a Sunday turned out not to be dropping a glass bottle of cough medicine on the kitchen floor. It both bounced and shattered, sending red gloop and glass fragments everywhere. A planned 7am start to look hard at FTSE future potentials vanished, unlike the sticky red medicine.

Trends and Targets for 19/01/2018

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) & BITCOIN (again) "A Bitcoin for your Birthday?" Why spend 11,700 dollars on something which is worth 9,400 dollars by the end of this sentence! "Oh look, someone just paid 12,530 for one while someone sold one for 9,908". It has been a crazy week for Bitcon, traversing from 15,100 down to 9170.

Trends and Targets for 18/01/2018

Rockhopper Exploration (LSE:RKH) This has got exciting beyond words as it starts to appear the penguin was not dead. Fond memories of Desire Petroleum tend colour our Falklands judgement but, to be fair, it seems this particular penguin shaped parrot is not nailed to its perch.

Trends and Targets for 17/01/2018

POUND vs EURO (FX:GBPEUR) Despite the war of the chocolate coins now becoming boring, recent movements against this currency pair actually illustrate a worthwhile piece of trend logic. Needless to say, it's all to do with Highs and Lows, topical due to the snow outside!

Trends and Targets for 16/01/2018

POUND vs US DOLLAR FX:GBPUSD Once upon a time, there was a terrible US President who, holding power at the same time as a terrible UK Government, ensured markets did better than before, currencies stabilised, and the rain stopped. Aside from the rain, this fairy story seems true!

Trends and Targets for 15/01/2018

THE FTSE THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) By normal standards, the market is approaching a level where we'd normally anticipate some trauma around the 7840 point region. But as the US markets continue to prove, conventional arguments tend founder in the current climate of blind optimism.

Trends and Targets for 12/01/2018

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) So far this year, our world famous FTSE for FRIDAY freebie has experienced a 100% success rate. Which isn't saying a lot, given this is our 2nd Friday! The reverse limbo dance the markets play continues to fascinate with early signs being Friday 12th should prove an up day on the market.

Trends and Targets for 11/01/2018

HURRICANE ENERGY & BITCON too (LSE:HUR) With Bitcoin now being listed on a "respectable" exchange, we'd hoped some sanity would enter its movement. Currently trading around 14,450, we are seeing early signs of coming shuffles which should provide some opportunity.

Trends and Targets for 10/01/2018

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