Richard Beddard

Richard is companies editor of Interactive Investor and a columnist at Money Observer magazine. A keen private investor through his Self Invested Personal Pension, he manages two virtual portfolios. The Share Sleuth portfolio is a hand-picked collection of mostly small-cap value shares, while the Nifty Thrifty is a mechanical portfolio designed to pick large, successful companies at cheap prices.

It’s about Chime

In practice: One that almost got away

Shed: one step from the naughty step

In practice: Good acquisition, bad acquisition

Why investors are forgiving Alexon for Dolcis and Bay Trading

In practice: When diworseification pays

T Clarke in bargain territory

In practice: The old ones are the best

Delta galvanises value instinct

In practice:
A company with tangible problems and a commitment to fixing them
I'm grateful to Delta (DLTA ), a British engineer that operates mostly in Australia, for helping me get a step closer to deciding when it's a good time to invest in a company with a gargantuan pension fund.

Investing against the tide

In practice:

Huveaux (again)

Rupert Levy, Huveaux's financial director, returned my call this morning. I rang him yesterday primarily to ask about some of the notes in the accounts.

A quick recap: Yesterday I said this publishing and events company was cheap, but I was doubtful about its financial strength...

Huveaux, heaving itself back from the precipice

In practice:
How good is good?
In practice:
How good is good?

OPD (again)

In practice:

Signs of overconfidence warn me off

Sorry about the absence of a post yesterday. OPD (OPD) waylaid me. It's funny how it's the shares you decide against that take the longest to appraise.

OPD: A classic boom and bust share

In practice:

Another cheap recruitment company

The fortunes of recruitment companies depend on the fortunes of the economy, but OPD (OPD) looks like a boom and bust share par excellence.In practice:

Another cheap recruitment company

Dialight at the end of the tunnel

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Dialight's chart reminds me of our politicians, huffing and puffing, but not achieving much.

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