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Agile Cohort is a cheap pick

Worries about defence spending present buying opportunities in the sector, says value investor Richard Beddard, and Cohort is a prime example of this.

Capitulation at Autologic

Tomorrow the Thrifty 30 is due a notional cheque for £703.40 in exchange for the forced purchase by scheme of arrangement of its notional holding in Autologic. The transaction epitomises the difficulty of investing in turnarounds: the opportunity to participate can be withdrawn arbitrarily from small investors when a company delists.

Markets: FTSE 100 bounces back on Thursday

London's leading share index mounted a recovery on Thursday, despite news that the eurozone and the UK could be sinking further into the mire of recession.

Autologic in two minutes

A two minute monologue.

What it does: vehicle transportation

Autologic transports vehicles for car manufacturers, hire companies, dealers, and importers, mostly in the UK but also in Belgium, Holland and the Czech Republic. It provides services like storage, inspection and technical work.

Autologic weakness may be a strength

Divining meaning from prices If I were a price-watcher, I would be worried about Thrifty 30 member Autologic's share price. The company that transports cars for motor manufacturers and distributors has been on the slide since the day I added them to the portfolio in June 2010.

10 top shares for 2012

Share sleuth Richard Beddard deploys the forensic techniques used in constructing the Thrifty 30 portfolio to reveal 10 top shares for 2012.

Administration avoidance for investors

Those vexatious pre-packs I'm sceptical of the merits of pre-packaged administration, where the sale of a struggling business is arranged in advance of administration and executed almost immediately. The justification is the business goes on trading with minimum disruption, saving jobs. The losers, are the company's creditors, suppliers and landlords who will probably not be paid everything they're owed.

No news and mixed news for T30

French Connection, Autologic, Northgate and Games Workshop are doing OK but directors are becoming facing the future with varying degrees of trepidation

Markets: FTSE 100 rallies on Tuesday

London's top share index regained the previous day's losses on Tuesday, despite concerns over the Italian downgrade and an ominous IMF forecast for UK growth.

AutoLogic and Holders are logical holds

For value investors a falling share price is vindication, albeit not without risk, that the market's got it wrong on future earnings growth, says Richard Beddard.