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Games Workshop in two minutes

Following an alternately energising and chilling conversation with investors, I've updated my two minute monologue on Games Workshop. The conclusion is the same though.

Games Workshop in two minutes

Modelling and war gaming company Games Workshop scores highly in every respect except price.

MS International in two minutes…

MS International is a good company, managed for the long term that seems to be undervalued by the market. But controlling management is a double-edged sword.

Pulling the trigger on Cohort

As explained in the two minute monologue, defence technology company Cohort is cheap, profitable, and financially strong. Concerns about levels of defence spending may be preoccupying investors, and accounting errors in 2009 may have unnerved them, but bad news is often the signature of a good value investment, if it's temporary.

Cohort in two minutes

Due to cuts in government spending investor sentiment in the defence sector is weak, but Cohort has profited persistently and looks like a worthy addition to the Thrifty 30 portfolio.

Colefax in two minutes

During recession, up-market fabric designer Colefax is being run for income not, growth.

Vp in two minutes

A quality cyclical, specialist hire company Vp's assets now appear to be recognised by the market.

Castings in two minutes 32 seconds

Record turnover and profits and heavy investment are signs Castings is a strong company in almost every respect bar the industry it serves.

French Connection in 2 minutes 19 seconds

In for the long haul

Impressed by Next, I'm reappraising French Connection. Perhaps management could have done more to stave off losses at its stores and the latest profit warning contains disturbing news about cash flow.

Next in 2 minutes 14 seconds

Next's  record of earnings and cashflow is extraordinary and since it operates in a competitive environment, that must come down to management.