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Share Sleuth's notepad: A tale of two distributors

Sales and profits are up and big companies are buying smaller ones. There’s a boom in the distribution of the most mundane items, but in a business when size is (almost) everything, not all distributors are equal.

Rolls Royce rocks

In the short-term, the prospects for Rolls Royce are turgid in comparison to the growth investors have come to expect. In the long-term, nothing’s changed.

Trifast's 'continuous improvement' yields results

It’s not a seasonal activity, more a cyclical one, but this spring the Share Sleuth portfolio is getting a good pruning. The latest target, Trifast, is a particularly thorny one.

Hire firm Vp on a roll

Rental company Vp is a Share Sleuth portfolio success story, but recent share price rises recognise the value in the business.

Reappraising Ricardo

Operationally and financially, engineering and environmental consultancy Ricardo can do no wrong. Investors have bid the share price up so high though the Share Sleuth portfolio’s significant holding is a risk.

Share Sleuth's notepad: Betting on the Internet of Things

Results from ARM and Amino Technologies raise hopes and fears for the future of two technology companies at different ends of the value spectrum. ARM is a share every investor ought to covet. Unlovable Amino stands a better chance of joining the Share Sleuth portfolio.

Taking Colefax's offer

As its markets recover, the luxury fabric and wallpaper designer has offered to buy back shares from its owners. It seems like a good offer, one the Share Sleuth portfolio should accept.

Share Sleuth's notepad: Deep Value Investing

A book on Deep Value Investing demonstrates an unfashionable but profitable strategy and LPA, Porvair and Chemring report. Two of them join the Watchlist.

Finsbury Food has cake, then eats it

Having sold off one of its businesses and raised funds for investment, cake and bread maker Finsbury Food is emerging from a financial quagmire induced by recession and expansion.

Share Sleuth's notepad: Uncertainty meets opportunity

Unilever, William Sinclair and Auckett Fitzroy Robinson report. Meanwhile, undoing botched calculations turns a bad investment into a good one and a reader warns of trouble at Games Workshop.