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A year-long companion for the investor

An old friend has just breezed through the door. The letter box actually. It's the 2013 edition of the UK Stock Market Almanac by Stephen Eckett. It consists of a diary I almost certainly won't use and data I never knew I needed.

Most stocks make money, probably

I was distracted this morning by the first sentence in Chapter one of 'What's Behind the Numbers', a new book recommended by an investor on Twitter. The line is:

Most stocks lose money

But then the book confused me. 

Guest post: Why I’ll buy 40 random stocks when the FTSE hits 4000

Monkey strategy Pete Comley’s new book explains why private investors do so badly in aggregate, and how understanding why can help your investment decisions. I asked him how his research influenced his own investing strategy.

Millionaire Teacher

The voice of youth

A new book promises to reveal "The nine rules of wealth you should have learned at school". This is what 15 year old Danny Beddard made of it:

New year, more resolution

Follow the script

Last year ended introspectively, with a failed trade in Armour that was both expensive and misguided, but before then I felt I was losing my grip on some of the constituents in the Thrifty 30 portfolio.

My resolution this year is a simple one to make and perhaps a more difficult one to achieve. It’s:

Only to add a company to the Thrifty 30, or hold a company, if I can articulate my reasons in less than two minutes in words a teenager can understand.

Confessing to the original sin

Maybe simple statistics do trump judgement Every time I read a review of ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahnemann, a psychologist who won the Nobel prize for economics, I think I should read it. Especially in the light of a decision that is weighing heavily on me.

The long view of retailing

Are retailers delusional?

I picked up a book at a jumble sale last week.

Making better decisions

Words of caution from psychologists, but the wisest of all are from a fellow blogger and value investor... “Even the wisest people won’t make good choices when they’re not rested and their glucose is low,” says social psychologist Roy F Baumeister.

A dossier of short-termism

Notes in brief on the human condition that could undermine the economy, or civilisation why not

Short break

It’s half-term! I won’t be blogging for the next week or so, but many of my favourite bloggers will be.