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Victrex joins the Share Sleuth portfolio

It’s been a long courtship, but I’ve added 150 Victrex shares to the Share Sleuth portfolio this morning, at a price, quoted by a broker, of 1,487.56p. The spread was 1487p to 1489p.

Tristel: Would you buy now?

Deciding whether to sell shares is difficult. One way is to turn the question on its head and ask: Would you buy now?

Finsbury Food: Going on a diet

The Share Sleuth portfolio halves its holding in hot baker, Finsbury Food.

Renishaw joins Share Sleuth portfolio

If it walks like a hidden champion, and it talks like a hidden champion, it probably is a hidden champion.

Dart: Hedging my bets

Airline and package tour operator Dart is at a critical point in its evolution. The future will not resemble the past. What’s a long-term investor to do?

FW Thorpe: A for quality C for value

A surge in the share price of FW Thorpe leaves me thinking the unthinkable. Maybe it’s time to reduce the portfolio’s holding.

Haynes Publishing: Throwing in the oily rag

Haynes Publishing, one of the first companies to join the Share Sleuth portfolio, leaves it. The investment was a slow-motion car crash.

MSI joins the Thrifty 30

I added MS International to the Thrifty 30 portfolio on Friday at 269p, the actual price quoted by my broker, deducting amounts representing stamp duty and fees from the portfolio's cash balance.

Pulling the trigger on Cohort

As explained in the two minute monologue, defence technology company Cohort is cheap, profitable, and financially strong. Concerns about levels of defence spending may be preoccupying investors, and accounting errors in 2009 may have unnerved them, but bad news is often the signature of a good value investment, if it's temporary.