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Trading our way to FTSE 45,000

Kerry Balenthiran, an expert in market cycles, is trading his way to 2018, when he predicts the start of a 17.6 year golden age for buy and hold investors.

The next bear market low is on 22 May

Three years ago Kerry Balenthiran predicted the end of the commodities bull market in 2015 and the “final crisis” of a 17.6 year bear market for shares. His predictions are getting more precise…

Even God couldn't escape market panics

A long-term investor with perfect foresight, let’s call her God, wouldn’t be able to avoid the pain of stockmarket crashes.

When algorithms go awry

Mechanical investing promises the returns without the effort, but is anybody achieving it in practice?

Productivity for private investors

It’s obvious really, but once you’ve nailed down the investing basics, productivity determines investing success.

Four steps to a better AGM

Annual General Meetings get a bad rap. Depicted as stuffy formalities they are, actually, your best opportunity to learn about a business.

Sleep on it!

It’s the stuff of science fiction, but here with us now. We really do learn in our sleep, another reason why patience is a virtue and the private investor’s advantage.

Generating investing ideas from data

How data and fuzzy human logic combine to generate original ideas, quickly.

Getting original investment ideas

Stage one in the stockpicking process is finding promising shares. They’re not likely to come to you.

Identifying great companies

Great companies are profitable, distinctive and adaptable. They have competitive advantages and strategies to improve.