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Global access, award-winning, in-depth research, flexibility: Fidelity Investment Trusts in a nutshell. If you're looking to capture the powerful opportunities that stock markets can offer, our investment trusts are some of the most compelling investments across Asia, China, Europe, Japan, and the UK.

Our 400 investment professionals across the globe dig deep by cross-checking facts and asking the difficult questions and this we believe gives us an unparalleled insight across the regions and markets our investment trusts cover.

Take a look at our range for a simple way of putting your money to work — wherever you want to invest.

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
Fidelity American Growth W Acc GBP29.8757.88113.93733.00-Buy
Fidelity America W GBP30.4775.40138.349,230.00-Buy
Fidelity Asia Focus W Acc GBP35.1449.5354.211,766.00-Buy
Fidelity Asian Smaller Companies Y Acc GBP38.9670.75140.04715.03-Buy
Fidelity Emerging Markets W Acc GBP28.9446.4153.184,146.00-Buy
Fidelity Emerging Asia W GBP34.1864.8571.38852.41-Buy
Fidelity Flexible Bond Y Acc GBP5.5222.21-222.872.69Buy
Fidelity Global Demographics Y Acc GBP24.4962.51108.82153.01-Buy
Fidelity Global Dividend W GBP23.5256.78-4,554.00-Buy
Fidelity Global Financial Services W GBP36.7159.49102.431,201.00-Buy
Fidelity Global Health Care W GBP19.4059.04125.36727.00-Buy
Fidelity Global Property W GBP18.1857.9675.57226.00-Buy
Fidelity Global Technology W GBP50.80115.75166.011,485.00-Buy
Fidelity Global Industrials W GBP37.8737.3151.85169.00-Buy
Fidelity Global Telecommunications W GBP15.0137.0869.19147.00-Buy
Fidelity Latin America W GBP41.5925.31-4.88739.76-Buy
Fidelity US High Yield W GBP29.1850.0568.193,977.00-Buy
Fidelity United Kingdom Y Acc GBP17.4825.9667.7382.00-Buy

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
Fidelity China Focus Y GBP44.8890.5099.073,612.01-Buy
Fidelity Emerging Markets Inflation Linked Bond Y GBP28.7724.8719.79115.63-Buy
Fidelity Global Inflation Linked Bond Y Hedged GBP2.711.170.801,270.870.38Buy
Fidelity Global Dividend W QInc(G) GBP23.71--4,554.00-Buy
Fidelity India Focus Y GBP37.6487.8596.231,486.00-Buy

Investment Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)DiscountNAV
Fidelity Asian Values PLC Ord54.5591.95107.09-5.16406.22Buy
Fidelity China Special Situations Plc51.1696.27157.31-12.86226.18Buy
Fidelity European Values PLC21.1534.8786.67-12.21217.57Buy
Fidelity Japanese Values PLC28.0963.11103.01-14.28127.01Buy
Fidelity Special Values PLC22.0127.31130.31-8.07243.12Buy
Fidelity Asian Values PLC Sub Shs 0.001P-----Buy
Fidelity Japanese Values PLC Sub-----Buy


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