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About Us

What we believe in

What makes J.P. Morgan Asset Management different from other investment managers?


  • Team-based investment management using disciplined processes.
  • Depth and breadth of expertise in every key asset class and market.
  • New and ground-breaking ideas to widen clients’ investment opportunities.


When you invest with J.P. Morgan Asset Management, you are teaming up with one of the largest and best-known names in investment management. We’re part of JPMorgan Chase & Co, which provides retail banking, investment banking and asset management services across the world. Our experience spans more than 150 years – a history that’s reflected in our expertise.

Our clients

Investors around the world — including private individuals, corporations, pension funds, foundations, government bodies and charities — entrust us to make their assets work harder. We look to offer expertise across every key investment class and every economic region — so whatever solution our clients need, we aim to deliver an investment strategy that can help.

Breadth and depth of expertise

We have expertise across every key asset class and investment market so we can offer clients the widest range of investment solutions. We dedicate investment teams to the ‘core’ asset classes of equities, bonds and money markets. To institutional and professional investors, we also offer ‘alternative’ investments such as hedge funds, real estate and managed currency.

In short, we can offer a full spectrum of investment possibilities from conservative to specialist and ‘high-alpha’ strategies. So whether a client is risk-averse or willing to be more aggressive, we can deliver an investment solution that’s appropriate.

Our business is asset management. Through our range of investment funds and segregated strategies, we help different types of investors to harness the potential of investment markets. In this way, we can help each client to make their assets work harder and help them to reach their financial goals more efficiently.

Covering the world

We believe that nothing beats local knowledge. So we have investment teams networked across more than 15 cities across the world, connected by investment hubs in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

As a result, our geographic coverage ranges from global funds to regional funds and specialist portfolios concentrating on a single market or sector. And by sharing information across world markets, we can find the best-in-class investment opportunities, wherever they may be.

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
JPM America Equity C Acc49.5268.93-21.680.05Buy
JPM Asia C Acc49.7356.6359.33108.151.13Buy
JPM Balanced Managed C Acc14.7223.22-48.871.08Buy
JPM Diversified Real Return C Acc19.4818.53-14.661.47Buy
JPM Emerging Europe Equity C Acc66.9315.459.9386.673.61Buy
JPM Emerging Europe Equity B Acc66.5013.868.3886.673.01Buy
JPM Emerging Markets B Acc53.8647.4030.461,127.991.19Buy
JPM Emerging Markets Income C Acc49.7138.18-306.064.59Buy
JPM Europe Dynamic Ex UK C Acc37.8335.61113.59655.831.45Buy
JPM Europe Dynamic Ex UK C Hedged Acc GBP23.7027.60111.49655.831.68Buy
JPM Europe C Acc31.4931.5992.02179.931.92Buy
JPM Europe B Acc31.1430.5489.23179.931.67Buy
JPM Europe Smaller Companies C Acc33.3746.11125.03171.350.68Buy
JPM Global Equity Income C Hedged Acc GBP21.2027.46-75.532.81Buy
JPM Global Equity Income C Acc35.9552.8887.4575.532.71Buy
JPM Global Macro Opportunities C Acc-8.9716.68-869.940.42Buy
JPM Global Unconstrained Equity C Acc49.9659.7299.31285.280.83Buy
JPM Global Ex UK Bond C Acc0.9810.7617.01101.570.91Buy
JPM Global Financials C Acc59.1754.0799.04136.261.86Buy
JPM Global High Yield Bond C Gr Acc22.6812.0533.40164.537.27Buy

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
JPM America Equity C Inc49.4768.83-21.680.05Buy
JPM Asia C Inc49.7256.5159.22108.151.15Buy
JPM Balanced Managed C Inc14.7623.19-48.871.08Buy
JPM Emerging Europe Equity C Inc62.7412.396.9286.673.69Buy
JPM Emerging Markets B Inc53.9347.4130.451,127.991.21Buy
JPM Emerging Markets Income C Inc49.1637.70-306.064.74Buy
JPM Emerging Markets Income B Inc49.4737.38-306.064.74Buy
JPM Europe Dynamic Ex UK C Inc35.7533.62110.46655.831.50Buy
JPM Europe Equity Absolute Alpha C Hedged (perf) Dis NAV GBP-1.1620.66-433.96-Buy
JPM Europe C Inc28.9629.0788.28179.931.92Buy
JPM Europe Smaller Companies C Inc33.3346.05124.89171.350.69Buy
JPM Global Convertibles EUR C Hedged Dis GBP NAV10.929.0635.851,303.29-Buy
JPM Global Equity Income C Inc35.2352.0286.3075.532.77Buy
JPM Global Equity Income C Hedged Inc GBP21.1726.9868.4975.532.86Buy
JPM Global Unconstrained Equity B Inc49.5858.9798.38285.280.38Buy
JPM Global Unconstrained Equity C Inc49.9459.7699.34285.280.85Buy
JPM Global Ex UK Bond C Inc0.9910.7517.19101.570.91Buy
JPM Global Financials C Inc59.1553.8998.73136.261.91Buy
JPM Global High Yield Bond C Monthly21.659.1228.11164.537.32Buy
JPM Global High Yield Bond C Inc21.949.3728.36164.537.34Buy

Investment Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)DiscountNAV
JP Morgan American IT plc47.1668.37119.61-5.21396.02Buy
JP Morgan Asian IT plc Ord 25P52.8751.4251.19-12.73330.16Buy
JP Morgan Chinese IT plc50.6339.7862.94-14.65250.73Buy
JP Morgan Elect Managed Cash0.851.051.71-1.01101.53Buy
JP Morgan Elect Managed Growth32.5535.7491.37-2.55734.76Buy
JP Morgan Elect Managed Income21.4623.5267.897.85101.53Buy
JP Morgan European IT Growth24.1926.0598.63-11.84302.01Buy
JP Morgan European IT Income25.7131.75110.19-11.40160.41Buy
JP Morgan Global Convertibles Income13.77-1.40--8.87101.23Buy
JP Morgan Indian IT plc48.43105.7866.54-10.04731.96Buy
JP Morgan Japanese IT plc35.9354.52120.32-10.34386.88Buy
JP Morgan Mid Cap IT plc6.5333.49164.27-10.151,086.26Buy
JP Morgan Smaller Cos IT plc7.889.05102.39-17.751,060.16Buy
JP Morgan Smaller Cos IT plc Sub Shs 0.1p-71.88----Buy
JP Morgan Brazil Investment Trust plc90.2418.75-29.86-16.0679.82Buy
JP Morgan Emerging Markets IT plc48.3647.5737.19-14.29854.07Buy
JP Morgan Global Growth & Income plc66.7164.20103.21-6.48309.04Buy
JP Morgan Global Emerging Markets Income Trust plc ORD 1P57.0728.9331.24-5.65128.65Buy
JP Morgan Japan Smaller Companies Trust Plc33.5063.07131.95-13.12369.75Buy
JP Morgan Russian Securities plc91.2919.728.37-16.03617.19Buy