Unit Trusts & OEICs

Introduction to Unit Trusts & OEICs

Unit trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICs) are types of collective investment, which allow investors to pool their money with other investors to invest more efficiently in stock and bond markets. As 'open-ended' funds, more shares are issued each time someone invests and sold when they exit. In practice, this means that the asset pool will expand and contract as people buy and sell out of the fund and that the price of the fund always reflects the value of the underlying stocks or bonds. These funds usually have income and accumulation units. The income units pay out any income generated by the fund (such as dividends from shares or coupons from bonds), while for accumulation units, this is simply added back into the units. Find out more about Unit Trusts & OEICs.

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OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
Ardevora Global Long Only Equity D GBP10.2349.48-573.53-Buy
Ardevora Global Equity D Inc GBP12.0352.42115.86765.88-Buy
Ardevora UK Equity D13.2032.8477.54159.41-Buy
Ardevora UK Income B4.7313.5946.2468.24-Buy
Ardevora UK Income A3.9414.4149.6768.24-Buy
Ardevora UK Income C4.4716.1253.4268.24-Buy
Artemis European Opportunities I Hedged Inc7.3415.4370.29362.551.49Buy
Artemis European Opportunities I Inc8.3935.0475.19362.551.42Buy
Artemis Global Income I Inc4.0724.8873.513,875.813.62Buy
Artemis High Income I Monthly Inc5.5515.2233.751,296.855.23Buy
Artemis High Income I Inc5.5515.3634.761,296.855.23Buy
Artemis Income I Inc9.3722.5853.485,910.893.72Buy
Artemis Monthly Distribution I Inc2.5924.4355.37767.694.05Buy
Artemis Strategic Bond I Quarterly Inc4.6014.5928.691,229.743.90Buy
Artemis Strategic Bond I Monthly Inc4.6014.4929.101,229.743.90Buy
Artemis UK Special Situations I Inc3.4715.5243.95841.592.29Buy
Artemis US Select I Inc GBP15.3356.22-811.820.08Buy
Ashburton Global Defensive R GBP0.461.15-8.422.37Buy
Ashburton Global Defensive D GBP0.802.06-8.422.39Buy
Ashburton Global Defensive I GBP1.052.93-8.422.45Buy