Asia Pacific

Introduction to Asia Pacific 

Asia Pacific funds will aim to harness the growth of companies in the Asia Pacific region. In general, funds will either include or exclude Japan, but will almost certainly include the larger developed stock markets of Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, plus the developing markets of India, China, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Taiwan and South Korea are defined as both emerging and developed by different ratings providers.

Among the major indices in the region are the Hang Seng in Hong Kong, which will also hold a lot of China-based companies, the Shanghai Composite, the Strait Times index in Singapore and the S&P CNX Nifty in India. Each index has different characteristics. For example, the Australian markets are commodity-focused and as such may rise and fall with the commodities cycle. The Hang Seng is broader, offering the greatest diversity in the region.

As there are many emerging markets within the Asia Pacific region, Asian markets will tend to do better in a climate of rising global growth. Increasingly, markets in the region are dependent on the growth of China. Previously Asia Pacific would have been seen as a 'growth' investment, but fund managers are increasingly offering income strategies as a dividend culture develops across the region.

The tax treatment of investments is subject to tax law and HMRC practice which are subject to change. The value of investments may be affected by exchange rate movements where the underlying investments are not denominated in Pounds Sterling.

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
AXA Rosenberg Asia Pacific Ex Japan Z Acc27.5947.8971.82225.632.00Buy
Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity I Acc22.8138.7551.361,320.291.30Buy
Aberdeen Asia Pacific & Japan Equity I Acc20.9342.4257.65143.021.10Buy
Aberdeen Global Asian Local Currency Short Duration Bond R2 GBP3.6929.9223.01180.023.31Buy
Aberdeen Global Asia Pacific Equity R2 GBP22.2438.4551.073,413.001.20Buy
Aberdeen Global Asian Smaller Companies R2 GBP15.2025.9649.892,030.331.50Buy
Alquity Asia R GBP8.1438.64-63.27-Buy
Alquity Asia Y GBP10.6748.85-63.27-Buy
Baillie Gifford Developed Asia Pacific B Acc18.7467.3099.60129.241.12Buy
Baillie Gifford Pacific B Acc37.4259.65105.64304.580.48Buy
Baring ASEAN Frontiers I Acc Nav GBP10.6934.0946.66470.10-Buy
Baring Eastern Trust I Acc GBP32.3077.87107.2861.30-Buy
BlackRock Asia D Acc26.7356.88-73.410.82Buy
BlackRock GF Asian Growth Leaders D2RF GBP27.5287.19-2,467.96-Buy
CF Canlife Asia Pacific C Acc GBP26.3634.1358.00121.941.04Buy
CF Ruffer Pacific C Acc9.4540.5090.10376.680.95Buy
CF Ruffer Pacific O Acc9.1339.1987.14376.681.07Buy
F&C Pacific Growth 2 Acc26.4064.0084.0374.151.20Buy
Fidelity Asia W Acc28.7473.56102.082,445.64-Buy
Fidelity Asia Y Acc GBP28.4672.36100.172,445.64-Buy

Investment Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)DiscountNAV
Aberdeen Asian Income Ord20.0922.7633.51--Buy
Aberdeen New India Investment Trust PLC Ord 25P24.7386.35131.56-10.20520.87Buy
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC Ord 25p19.2322.9557.41-10.571,212.07Buy
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC Convertible Unsecured Loan Stock 201917.0422.6040.96--Buy
Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust PLC Ord 5p31.0638.2959.96-12.31262.28Buy
Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust PLC Ord 25p14.8035.4169.30-15.51618.14Buy
Alpha Real Trust Limited32.88130.63120.75--Buy
Aseana Properties Ltd19.1916.4818.85--Buy
Edinburgh Dragon Trust plc Ord 20p25.7643.1357.11-11.12407.29Buy
Fidelity Asian Values PLC Ord24.8378.29135.28-8.38418.31Buy
Fidelity Asian Values PLC Sub Shs 0.001P-----Buy
Fidelity China Special Situations Plc41.96113.96210.15-12.66246.51Buy
Henderson Far East Income Ltd Ord24.6242.1476.852.17372.90Buy
India Capital Growth41.4887.69178.73-18.39114.41Buy
Invesco Asia Trust plc32.2568.71122.50-11.62313.42Buy
JP Morgan Asian IT plc Ord 25P41.2874.86107.65-8.56375.10Buy
JP Morgan Chinese IT plc45.7069.12120.99-12.60297.20Buy
JP Morgan Indian IT plc22.5081.62130.96-10.65834.90Buy
Macau Property Opportunities56.59-39.5361.52-36.84247.00Buy
Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained Trust34.2252.2979.71-14.44457.01Buy


Name6 Months (%)1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)CurrencySector
DB X-Trackers MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan Index UCITS ETF 1C GBP15.9026.9852.4774.82GBPEquity - Asia Pacific ex JapanBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Pakistan IM Index UCITS ETF 1C USD-11.244.766.1984.52USDEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Bangladesh IM Index UCITS ETF 1C USD2.9717.3827.5942.16USDEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Indonesia Index UCITS ETF 1C GBP9.6810.0633.8028.88GBPEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Pacific Ex Japan Index UCITS ETF (DR) 1C GBP5.6018.2536.3360.99GBPEquity - Asia Pacific ex JapanBuy
DB X-Trackers FTSE Vietnam UCITS ETF 1C GBP-0.72-2.258.4120.01GBPEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
DB X-Trackers II IBOXX USD Liquid Asia Ex-Japan Corporate Bond UCITS ETF (DR) 1D3.43---USDFixed Int - USD Corporate BondBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI EM Asia Index UCITS ETF 1C GBP17.0128.7553.0375.13GBPEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Korea Index UCITS ETF (DR) 1C GBP19.8836.6451.8770.99GBPEquity - KoreaBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Malaysia Index UCITS ETF (DR) 1C GBP4.761.82-2.993.43GBPEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Philippines IM Index UCITS ETF (DR) 1C GBP0.45-8.1930.7952.61GBPEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Thailand Index UCITS ETF (DR) GBP4.5512.8936.0846.22GBPEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Taiwan Index UCITS ETF (DR) 1C GBP14.3229.2862.38105.33GBPEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
HSBC MSCI EM Far East GBP18.2230.3953.0368.25GBXEquity - Asia Pacific ex JapanBuy
HSBC MSCI Indonesia GBP10.9310.7735.0131.43GBXEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
HSBC MSCI Korea GBP21.1736.7351.8672.11GBXEquity - KoreaBuy
HSBC MSCI Malaysia NAV GBP4.962.390.30-GBPEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
HSBC MSCI Pacific Ex Japan GBP6.0818.6436.7763.21GBXEquity - Asia Pacific ex JapanBuy
HSBC MSCI Taiwan NAV GBP14.7930.1667.04104.48GBPEquity - Asia Pacific Single CountryBuy
HSBC MSCI AC Far East Exjapan UCITS ETF NAV GBP15.6327.8952.72-GBPEquity - Asia Pacific ex JapanBuy


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