Lyxor MSCI Emerging MarketsUCITS ETF C GBP (I1WF)

Introduction to Emerging Markets

Introduction to Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets funds aim to provide investors with diversified exposure to emerging parts of the world, such as China, India and Latin America. Some have a regional or country-specific focus, others have a more global remit. These parts of the world will often exhibit high growth rates, but may also be subject to higher risks, such as political instability or corruption.

Companies operating in these markets will often be at an earlier stage of growth, which means that share prices exhibit higher volatility, but can also deliver stronger returns. These markets tend to do well in a climate of expanding global economic growth, but will suffer when investor confidence weakens.

Active investment managers in this sector take a variety of approaches: some will look at the macro-economic environment around the globe and prioritise those companies that are operating in those regions with the highest GDP growth. Others may take a thematic approach, prioritising dividend and/or bond income, for example. Others may look for high quality companies that can grow their earnings in all types of market environment and mitigate many of the risks that can be present in emerging markets.

The tax treatment of investments is subject to tax law and HMRC practice which are subject to change. The value of investments may be affected by exchange rate movements where the underlying investments are not denominated in Pounds Sterling.

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
AXA Framlington Emerging Markets Z Inc21.3648.4455.10156.110.77Buy
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Bond I Inc5.9812.2822.1986.086.20Buy
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity I Inc19.3238.7547.441,827.210.90Buy
Allianz China Equity P NAV GBP27.0071.46-471.83-Buy
Ashmore Emerging Market Local Currency Bond Z Inc GBP9.04-6.086.173,486.87-Buy
Ashmore Emerging Markets Debt Z Inc GBP7.7420.3831.821,278.87-Buy
Ashmore Emerging Markets Frontier Equity Z GBP17.903.34-105.13-Buy
Aviva Investors Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond Ia GBP9.1119.7115.643,230.90-Buy
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency W Hedged Inc GBP8.50-10.93-2.73998.696.15Buy
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency W Inc GBP11.3618.0610.88998.696.13Buy
BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Debt Local Currency C GBP10.9916.788.98998.695.79Buy
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Bond B Inc8.8717.277.05875.896.20Buy
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Growth B Inc40.3756.6275.84681.100.65Buy
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Leading Companies B Inc39.3457.7480.27515.910.56Buy
Baillie Gifford Greater China B Inc48.0993.00142.5145.400.74Buy
BlackRock Emerging Markets D Inc25.5041.1053.36185.030.82Buy
BlackRock GF Emerging Europe D4RF GBP32.6929.2431.67927.97-Buy
BlackRock GF India D4RF GBP22.9983.23141.72546.33-Buy
Charlemagne Magna Emerging Markets Dividend B Inc GBP22.0333.0159.61328.003.39Buy
Charlemagne Magna Emerging Markets Dividend N Dis GBP21.7732.0457.83328.003.40Buy


Name6 Months (%)1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)CurrencySector
Lyxor MSCI Emerging MarketsUCITS ETF C GBP14.2725.0337.43-GBXEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
Amundi MSCI Brazil UCITS ETF C2.3116.55-21.27-17.52USDEquity - Latin AmericaBuy
BMO MSCI Emerging Markets Income Leaders UCITS GBP----GBPEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
BlackRock iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF NAV14.0716.6624.2062.13AUDEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
DB X-Trackers CSI300 UCITS ETF 1C USD14.0713.7454.3740.52USDEquity - ChinaBuy
DB X-Trackers FTSE China 50 UCITS ETF (DR) 1C GBP9.7723.0554.9568.29GBPEquity - ChinaBuy
DB X-Trackers Harvest CSI300 INDEX UCITS ETF (DR) 1D GBP9.2116.64115.81-GBPEquity - ChinaBuy
DB X-Trackers Harvest FTSE China AH 50 Index UCITS ETF (DR) 1D USD18.0826.78--USDEquity - ChinaBuy
DB X-Trackers II Harvest CSI China Sovereign Bond UICTS ETF (DR) 1D USD0.37-2.94--USDFixed Int - Other Single Short/Med MatBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Africa Top 50 Index UCITS ETF 1C USD12.1811.15-15.358.83USDEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI GCC Select Index UCITS ETF 1C USD4.8111.52--USDEquity - MENABuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Brazil Index UCITS ETF (DR) 1C GBP-3.3117.792.95-2.04GBPEquity - Latin AmericaBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI China Index UCITS ETF (DR) 1C GBP19.7635.5068.0388.92GBPEquity - ChinaBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI Emerging Markets Index UCITS ETF 1C GBP13.4825.0536.8546.66GBPEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI EM Asia Index UCITS ETF 1C GBP17.0128.7553.0375.13GBPEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI EM EMEA Index UCITS ETF 1C USD9.7513.82-14.23-6.62USDEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI EM LatAm Index UCITS ETF 1C GBP6.0916.877.270.82GBPEquity - Latin AmericaBuy
DB X-Trackers MSCI India Index UCITS ETF 1C GBP17.6419.3749.9382.72GBPEquity - IndiaBuy
DB X-Trackers Nifty 50 UCITS ETF 1C GBP17.9819.9254.5693.10GBXEquity - IndiaBuy
DB X-Trackers S&P Select Frontier UCITS ETF 1C GBP8.5636.7435.8795.36GBPEquity - Emerging MarketsBuy
DB X-Trackers iBoxx USD Emerging Sovereigns Quality Weighted UCITS ETF (DR) 1D1.60-1.61--USDFixed Int - Emerging MarketsBuy


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