GAM International Growth & Value X Acc GBP (IARV)

Global Growth

Introduction to Global Growth

Global Growth funds strive to seek out those companies around the globe that are delivering high and accelerating earnings growth. They will do this in a variety of ways: some will look at the macro-economic environment around the globe and prioritise those companies that are operating in regions with accelerating GDP. Others may take a thematic approach, seeking out emerging industries such as technology or alternative energy, or stocks that benefit from global trends such as climate change. Others may look for high quality companies that can grow their earnings in all types of market environment. Find out more about Global Growth

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Taube Hodson Stonex Partners LLP (THS Partners) is a high conviction equity asset management firm.

We invest for the long term in companies that demonstrate solid growth prospects and good value. Read more

The tax treatment of investments is subject to tax law and HMRC practice which are subject to change. The value of investments may be affected by exchange rate movements where the underlying investments are not denominated in Pounds Sterling.

OEICs and Unit Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)Fund Size (M)Yield (%)
GAM International Growth & Value X Acc GBP16.5343.5171.97118.901.02Buy
AXA Framlington Biotech Z Inc16.3756.55183.18547.90-Buy
AXA Framlington Emerging Markets Z Inc12.3451.2950.17157.800.75Buy
AXA Framlington Financial Z Inc25.3960.73103.4454.101.67Buy
AXA Framlington Global Opportunities Z Inc13.4460.77100.5871.680.67Buy
AXA Framlington Global Technology Z Inc23.33112.64162.87425.50-Buy
AXA Framlington Health Z Inc0.8649.85116.78525.270.34Buy
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity I Inc9.9242.4742.161,769.911.00Buy
Aberdeen Ethical World Equity I Inc9.9136.9055.81152.470.90Buy
Aberdeen Multi Manager Equity Managed Portfolio I Inc12.2442.9072.44139.460.50Buy
Aberdeen World Equity Income I Inc8.8132.2339.4393.283.60Buy
Aptus Global Financials B Inc GBP34.4564.61-271.444.90Buy
Artemis Global Income I Inc12.3058.52118.053,681.883.54Buy
BNY Mellon Global Equity Income C Inc GBP5.6462.1681.94954.932.78Buy
BNY Mellon Global Equity Income W Inc GBP6.5664.3885.39954.932.77Buy
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Growth B Inc30.1468.0281.68757.670.69Buy
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets Leading Companies B Inc26.9865.6980.08506.330.58Buy
Baillie Gifford Global Discovery B Inc25.5982.22177.93305.86-Buy
Barclays Global Core R Dis GBP9.9349.8082.6651.803.40Buy
Baring Global Growth I Inc GBP13.4569.7789.7113.901.00Buy
BlackRock Emerging Markets D Inc18.5451.2155.12160.410.78Buy

Investment Trusts

Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)DiscountNAV
Aberdeen Frontier Markets Investment Company Limited Ord 1P1.325.1461.04-6.3568.87Buy
Alliance Trust PLC24.7985.24121.91-4.95774.30Buy
BBGI SICAV S.A. Ord6.9839.0768.1014.02128.70Buy
British Empire Trust plc Ord19.1958.6078.12-10.18795.46Buy
Brunner Investment Trust PLC28.8667.48107.28-10.84845.68Buy
Caledonia Investments PLC Ord16.1439.04100.86-18.233,259.00Buy
EP Global Opportunities Trust19.6960.70108.33-3.25330.50Buy
Edinburgh Worldwide IT PLC42.73104.87150.06-3.37720.77Buy
F&C Global Smaller Companies19.0174.28132.280.561,343.50Buy
F&C Managed Portfolio Trust Growth19.3847.5386.54-1.21196.37Buy
Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust Ord22.2778.04118.14-4.92655.76Buy
Hansa Trust PLC18.7124.2652.12-25.031,380.63Buy
Hansa Trust PLC A Non Voting22.4618.9449.91-27.211,380.63Buy
Independent Investment Trust66.88150.98243.637.61603.13Buy
Invesco Perpetual Select Global Equity plc19.2165.55122.53-0.14207.80Buy
JP Morgan Elect Managed Growth17.3857.68103.01-2.44796.40Buy
JP Morgan Emerging Markets IT plc16.9859.1363.41-11.64974.40Buy
JP Morgan Global Growth & Income plc28.1792.37134.442.03314.60Buy
Law Debenture Corporation plc22.0540.5474.97-8.03661.09Buy
Lazard World Trust GBP26.7485.35111.37-7.51404.90Buy


Name1 Year (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)NAVDiscountNDYSector
Pembroke VCT PLC B ORD 1P1.01--103.30-7.553.14VCT Generalist Pre QualifyingBuy


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