Inspiration for your ISA

Inspiration for your ISA

Whether you are looking for inspiration for this year's ISA allowance or you are reviewing your portfolio, we have lots of expert opinions, investment ideas, news, and analysis. We also have a very handy table with all of the deadlines and allowances for this tax year.

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Deadlines and allowances for 2018/19

To get you started, here's a reminder of the 2018/19 tax year allowances: they apply to individuals, so a couple can each use these allowances
ISA £20,000 across all current year ISAs
(i.e. Cash, Stocks & Shares and Innovative Finance ISA)
Any unused allowance from a previous year is lost - you cannot carry it forward. Money moved between ISAs that are a past year contribution, or the use of an Additional Permitted Subscription do not count as a current year subscription.
Pension/SIPP £40,000 across all your pensions. Plus, you can carry forward any unused allowance from the past three years. The annual allowance falls to £10,000 once you start drawing on your pension.
Find out more about SIPP contributions here.
Junior ISA £4,260 across all current year JISAs (i.e. Cash and Stocks & Share JISAs) A Child Trust Fund account, which has the same annual allowance, can be transferred to a Junior ISA. Unlike a JISA, the CTF 'year' runs from the child's birthday.
Dividend Allowance £2,000 Excludes dividend income in an ISA or Pension/SIPP
Savings Allowance Basic rate tax payer - £1,000 Higher rate tax payer - £500 Earnings in excess of £150,000 p.a. - no allowance
Capital Gains Tax £11,700

How to squeeze the most out of your ISA

Have you set up a Junior ISA yet?

  • £4,260 allowance for 2018/19
  • No account fee
  • Choose from a wide range of investments

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Bear in mind the risks

We give you a simple and secure way to invest tax-efficiently online. In an ISA you pay no capital gains or income tax on your investments, however the tax treatment of these products does depend on your circumstances and might change. Please remember, the value of your investments may go down as well as up and you may not get back all the money that you invest. If you're in any doubt about the suitability of a stocks & shares ISA, you should seek independent financial advice.