Market Information Sheets and Charges

Interactive Markets' market information sheets provide you with the details for each of the instruments types we offer, including individual equities, commodities, bonds, interest rates, stock indices and forex. The market information sheets provide information such as commission rates, initial margin requirements, trading hours and minimum and maximum dealing sizes.




Licence Fee

We charge a monthly software licence fee of £15 for any account which has been inactive for 90 consecutive days. We will continue to charge a monthly fee of £15 until you take one of the actions below. We charge this fee in order to cover the costs of exchange data, software and advanced charting and trading tools that we provide within the account.

You can avoid the monthly charge by:

  • Placing an opening trade
  • Closing an existing position
  • Holding an open position
  • Asking for your account to be disabled until you want to start trading again

If you have been charged a licence fee, we will be happy to reverse these at the rate of one per month, if you take one of the above actions. For example, if you receive 2 licence fees one each in January and February, we will reverse February's fee if you take an action in March. If you then take a further action in April, January's fee will be reversed.