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13/03/2014 - Gulf Keystone Petroleum - Shaikan’s first reserves
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16/01/2014 - WANdisco - Strong performance continues
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08/01/2014 - NetDimensions - SaaS revenues jump 40% in H2, from 30% in H1
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12/12/2013 - Gulf Keystone Petroleum - To Development and beyond
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12/12/2013 - WANdisco - Partnership with Cloudera
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19/11/2013 - Fastnet Oil & Gas - Building Moroccan momentum once again
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08/11/2013 - Pressure Technologies - Company Profile
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24/10/2013 - NetDimensions - Nordic Expansion
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15/10/2013 - WANdisco - High availability Hadoop
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01/10/2013 - Innovation Group - Biggest deal ever
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16/09/2013 - NetDimensions - Growth plans are on track
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10/09/2013 - Innovation Group - Positive indicators
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22/07/2013 - Fastnet Oil & Gas - Replicating the Cove model
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11/07/2013 - NetDimensions - FY13 revenues remain on target
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04/07/2013 - Innovation Group - Margin expansion
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03/07/2013 - Gulf Keystone Petroleum - Shaikan Development Starts
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02/07/2013 - WANdisco - OEM agreement with NSN
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22/05/2013 - NetDimensions - Growth acceleration
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09/05/2013 - WANdisco - Change of CFO
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30/04/2013 - WANdisco - Accelerated development
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25/04/2013 - NetDimensions - Going for growth
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18/04/2013 - WANdisco - Booking momentum continues into Q1
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04/03/2013 - NetDimensions - Healthcare sector expansion
Downlaod PDF (88KB) 

25/02/2013 - Gulf Keystone Petroleum - Play it again BSAM
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08/02/2013 - WANdisco - Accelerated big data roll-out
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06/02/2013 - WANdisco - PSQ Advantage Report
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15/01/2013 - WANdisco - Keeping its momentum
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14/01/2013 - Innovation Group - Aggregation of incremental gains 
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