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Mike discusses how Asia is faring in 2018 and how this has affected the Trust, where he thinks growth in Asia will come from over the next few years, and the impact of China's political affairs.
​During March, the Trust declined in absolute terms and underperformed its benchmark. Lowland’s net asset value declined 3.0% on a total return basis (using debt at fair value) versus the FTSE All-...
​Things are getting interesting. Any mention of the word “interesting” in the Investment context reminds me of the Chinese curse: “may you live in interesting times!”
Ian & James discuss the current macro-economic landscape, the weighting of the five investment categories that the Trust invests in, and their targets for the next 3 years.
​The UK equity market produced a negative total return of 1.8% in March as measured by the FTSE All Share Index. Other major equity markets were weak with the US central bank increasing its policy...
Tim discusses the recent going's on in Europe and the Trust.   Glossary: Volatility - The rate and extent at which the price of a portfolio, security or index moves up and down.
Ollie discusses his expectations for the remainder of the year, tech companies in Europe, and recent additions to the portfolio.
KV.widget({ "guid": "eddcTVcPXv7", "type": "playback", "playerType": "full", "showInfoPanel": false }); ​John discusses potential rate rises, high yield bonds, and his sentiments towards...
​During February, there was a notable increase in volatility across world equity markets, probably due to the rise in bond yields in the US in previous months and the expectation of further increases...
​For some time we have felt that world markets needed to curb their enthusiasm slightly. We used the expression “as good as it gets” as perhaps being an apt warning. But weight of money has driven...


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