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Date posted 2014-05-16 21:22
Subject A worthwhile cause ? 
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Update: Campaign to make short selling illegal:

Gotham City, Evil Knievel, Questor, Tom Who ?
AND even small groups of raiders that are taking the sp down on most AIM stocks after taking a short position. THEY are collaborating in unison and ( seemingly ) giving good reasons to say the stock is over valued.
Mostly we don't know who they are but they are prevalent ?

Derampers and rampers are now joining together in unison to short down stocks to almost rock bottom prices...and the trend is gradually over taking AIM completely?

However, short-selling syndicates are still ACTIVE against all efforts to stop them on many AIM STOCKS but investors are determined to eradicate this vile new culture that often ruins a company's share price depriving thousands of their hard earned and invested savings.


C'mon lets get this up to 7,000 votes to make an impact. Shorters will argue that their activity is good for investors, enabling them to buy in on the cheap. Trouble is, they are gradually turning investors away from AIM for good and unsuspecting investors are not fully aware of the damage that is done. The sp may be much cheaper but £millions is knocked off the valuations and once bitten investors may never return. The sp may take months to recover?

Considering only those from the financial and investing community would bother to vote, this is a very good response. Other E-petition 'campaigns' can command votes from the whole population

The Govt web-site e-petitions is going great. Votes are now closing in on 3,000, almost 2,800 extra in just under 3 weeks since the QPP v Gotham fiasco !
Investors mean business and won't let pi's condone short matter what's morally wrong?

Many argue that there is nothing wrong with 'shorting' and the City needs shorting to derisk their hedge funds? Go tell that to the thousands of investors that watch their life savings go down the drain. The City and its 'band of brothers' will gleefully take any action to profit at YOUR loss. It's about time the small investor got a better deal ?

*IF you agree, then help this campaign gain momentum - POST ON THE LINK, maybe add a comment. Let's get those votes in fast ?

Momentum is gathering pace and this campaign is moving faster than was ever anticipated, thanks to all of you that voted and POSTED over the link.

NB The fact that these e-petitions require 100,000 signatures is not so important. THAT figure is required in order to get the GOVERNMENT to take ACTION!

What we are after is for the FCA to act and do something about organized short selling and we believe THEY WILL do so on just a fraction of the votes required. 12,000 votes by August 24th 2014 is possible and that is our TARGET !

7,000 votes could be enough for the FCA to consider this cause? TO IGNORE that amount of investors would be bad policy?

MP and adviser to the GOVT on banking, Davide Serra is lobbying Parliament to ACT !

HE wants ACTION by the FCA to do SOMETHING !

With the numbers of votes growing DAILY this campaign could be a useful lever for him to put pressure on the Govt to intervene and either make a ruling themselves, or put pressure on the FCA.
Bringing AWARENESS to this diabolical practice is the most important issue here?
IF the FCA does nothing at all, then in time AIM could be affected badly as investors sell up FOR GOOD?


I have had a short sharp shock in recent months...EVERY stock on AIM that i have invested in has to some extent been the target of short-selling including :TRP, GKP, QPP, BLINKX, BOO, KRD, AFPO, SAV, PRG, CNEL, ALO, AEN, SOLG, MARL, MNC, NRG and practically every stock you may be invested in.Trouble is you may not be aware of the price manipulation and put it down to plain simple profit hell, you're probably being shorted. Read the very 'nice' posters that are sympathetic but constantly use phrases like "sorry to say" "going down big time, i'm afraid".....if they're about it's a cert they'll panic out 'long holders'

Most AIM stocks are now shorted in some form, in many cases AGGRESSIVELY. The result is th sp goes down. OK for those looking to buy cheap but long term holders that researched early and got in years ago don't want a bunch of scammers 'talking' the stock down' after many long years of waiting. It's unfair that your preferred investment could be halted in it's tracks just because a short selling raiding party has spent a few days or weeks deramping the stock.
Ethics plays a part here, it just ain't FAIR.

Any investor that is concerned that "Short selling raiders" could aggressively attack your investment should seriously consider signing this petition. Let's make it work, post the link on, so we can get universal support ?

Tom Who? Simon Cawkwell (Evil Knievel), Gotham City WILL RUIN your investments.....they issue scathing libelous reports, dressed up to be a genuine account on companies that they say have been over bought, ie over valued. AFTER having taken a short position in the stock a week or so earlier? These are some cookies 'eh?
Even British Bulls regularly advise "Go short" AFTER a nice little tick up in sp. This nearly always sends the sp in a tailspin before they then advise BUY or Go long. Investors that don't know what's going on may panic out. AND IT IS ALL A SHAM ?

He certainly knows a thing or to **** up investors?
His credibility is worse than that of certain other professional shorters ?

IF IT WASN'T FOR SHORTING...most stocks would be much's the reason why derampers take a hold on almost every AIM stock !

IF the FCA do NOTHING at all, at least we can bring awareness to this 'new' culture in AIM.

I realise that these professionals may not 'infect' small stocks on AIM but small time shorters are prevalent everywhere on AIM and work in much the same way, in small won't win unless you do as they do...and that is the sad sad thing about investing on AIM.

did ya vote?

20 years ago it was unheard of and good sound stocks steadily moved up !
Investors were happy to bottom-drawer what they believed will be their retirement pot....hello, you gotta be kidding...tuck 'em away and have these bar/stewards short it all away...and you won't even know if it's happening?

I ask...."Why should genuine AIM investors have to go through all this?"

Target - 12,000 signatures, that should be enough to get the FCA off their backsides and develop the WILL to ACT ?

Why i believe most investors should consider this... Organised Short-selling can EASILY be put into action by the media or by brokers putting out SELL recommendations that are not always justified. Often there is a conspiracy among certain investors that 'work' a bulletin board to get the stock to fall big time.
It is happening almost on nearly all AIM stocks. However, it is one thing to pile into a stock on the back of a retrace but to 'officially' be able to 'gamble' and make huge profits on the stock going down, will inevitably attract a criminal(unscrupulous) element that will do so and get away with it

This is against normal LOGIC !

IT is much easier to scare investors into selling, than to encourage them to buy, so that is why short selling is taking a hold of investing on a huge scale. Soon it could affect nearly all of AIM stocks. If you are a genuine investor, you'll be TAKEN FOR A MUG and no one will be there to give you support.


'If you were a short-seller, BLUFFING, (basically manipulating a shares' price) about a company's overvalued share price, you might not want to *draw attention to yourself since you could get accused of stock manipulation. So you would hope (OR PLAN FOR) others to get involved and to present SEEMINGLY GOOD REASONS to short the stock.

You would want to put AS MUCH FEAR INTO 'LONGS' as possible and would use high volume short trading as well as buying to drive the share price down as low as you can and as long as you can. You really want the longs to fold and to get out of the game. If you are consistently seeing sellers overwhelming buyers driving a share price down as a stock seems to be going up, I can assure you it's probably shorts' selling, since longs are totally motivated to sell their shares at the highest possible selling price.'

NB, It is NOT (as some posters put it) " fair and justifiable" to short stocks down to excessively low prices, "giving other investors a chance to get in cheap..."

AS SOON AS INVESTORS GET WIND of "shorting" taking place, they do not want to be caught up in the slaughter that is BOUND to follow....SO THEY PANIC SELL. The sp can then take months to recover or never recover. Once bitten......? Even small time operators are enough to get 'longs' to PANIC !

LOOK AT QPP.....TEN directors have bought additional shares. Good news upon good news.....and still they go down.
W H Y ? Confidence has waned. Without foundation, this is still a brilliant company but investors are worried about the impending lawsuit. Plus will the shorters try to hammer us again? Quindell are still in the grips of the seems, the raiding party to tank the SP big time is working, for no fault of investors or the company !

So even buying in cheap can be fruitless to new investors. THE shorters can, and often do irreparable damage to the company's valuation and share price !

{Campaign against organized short selling }

Vote if you think it will make a difference, easy to do, takes only a minute !

THE LINK e-petition

Any investor that is concerned that "Short selling raiders" could aggressively attack your investment should seriously consider signing this petition. Let's make it work?

POST THE LINK ON, even add your own comments if you wish, so we can get universal support. Post on other (legal) web-sites, if it is allowed?

Quindell to sue Gotham City

Capital Markets chief, Davide Serra demands ACTION by the FCA

*Could your investment be a target for organized shorting? Well, it's happening all the time with AIM stocks, knocking millions off the value in many cases ? (Quindell recent example).

Beware(own agenda) of Questor, he gave a BIG SELL in his article scathingly criticising QPP only a week before Gotham released theirs? Is there a connection? Very well timed by Questor, he could be instrumental in part for QPP being massively shorted ! BUT of course we all know it was coincidental, don't we? (like **** it was?)

* The FCA is looking into this UNFAIR practice, BUT they need evidence. There is plenty of it available.....soon the FCA will have so much evidence piling up, they'll simply have to DO SOMETHING !

Investors often research a company for years and IF they are satisfied that the company is fundamentally sound and ALSO had taken investment ADVICE before investing their life savings for their retirement. Many investors acted on professional advice or HAD encouraged others or family members to invest as well, especially those taking redundancy or investing in ISAs ? WHY would anyone want to do that now, what's the point...if it's AIM it's GAME, you'll most likely lose most of your money unless you found the absolute bottom?

*NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SHORT A STOCK, THUS, DEPRIVING OTHER INVESTORS OF THEIR LIFE'S SAVINGS, WHEN FUNDAMENTALLY, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.....dividends can also be affected by this diabolical practice of short selling raiding syndicates !

You may be one of those that had benefited by the shorters that deliberately joined forces to pull down QPP by publishing libelous articles, however, this is not just about QPP.
IT's about EVERY stock on AIM and who knows, your next investment may be shorted big time like Quindell !

*NEXT TIME you may not be so fortunate to benefit...that little TUCKAWAY stock for your retirement could be halved and halved again for no good reason other than a short selling raiding party...EVEN a collaboration of private investors on these bb's could do just as much damage, giving 'signals' to each other, they work in collusion and act in unison, ramping up or down according to their agendas?

Short selling stocks in ANY form is BANNED in some countries including Germany and they have applied to get a mandate for more Eu countries to ban it, they obviously see it as criminal. I see it as seriously DIABOLICAL ?

"Outsourcing group QPP:Quindell released a detailed response to Gotham City Research's publication on Friday, calling the note a "coordinated shorting attack".
(the response)
TEN Directors in Quindell have currently bought more shares!

Axo posted on iii...(thanks Axo, sound explanation )

These are the kind of people that Winnifreth & Co like to associate with. They aren't helping anyone, and they're a part of a growing awful trend where large short positions open a number of weeks before a 'damning' piece of 'evidence' is revealed that completely tanks an SP well before the piece could even be reasonably digested.

I would posit that Gotham City research hold even less credibility than Edelman, and yet their research note was apparently convincing enough to knock 50% off the QPP SP in under one hour. No-one of any note would have stumbled across their 74 page smear. Why would they? It was Gotham's 6th piece of research (term used very loosely) and absolutely no-one I have spoken to had ever heard of them. As such, they held zero credibility and had no natural exposure. It was disseminated beforehand with exacting purpose.
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