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Date posted 2017-03-17 13:10
Subject Minvostokrazvitia Update 
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From yesterday and worth a read.

The largest Indian investor announced his participation in the project in Kamchatka The agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the investment project to develop the Krutogorovsky coal deposit in the Sobolevsky district was signed in Mumbai between the Indian company Tata Power and the Russian side in the presence of the deputy prime minister, DFO Yuri Trutnev.

On the Russian side, the documents were signed by Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East Alexander Krutikov, Head of the Agency of the Far East for attracting investment and export support Leonid Petukhov, Head of the Far Eastern Development Fund Alexey Chekunkov and Deputy Chairman of the Far-Eastern Bank PJSC "Sberbank" Russia "Marina Perebeinus.

According to Yuri Trutnev, the investment in the project is estimated at $ 560 million. He noted that the Indian partners asked "specific questions on infrastructure, the system of preferences." "We answered all these questions," the Deputy Prime Minister said, "and we hope that this project will be implemented."

He said that the condition for the entry of Indian business into the project was the system of preferences, which provide investors in the Far East with new development tools.

"We will make a decision to expand the Kamchatka top cap to introduce them into the territory. They are interested in the road, and she, according to the Ministry of Transport, is worth about $ 60 million. Considering the volume of investments - more than half a billion from Tata Group, we believe such investments are possible, "the Deputy Prime Minister commented.

As reported by the signing of Marina Perebeinus, the amount of project financing from Sberbank is estimated at about $ 400 million. Financing will begin in 2018. As she said, while it is a question of crediting for the period of 10 years, "but if we want to increase the terms we can consider up to 15 years". The rate of raising funds, according to the representative of the bank, has not yet been determined due to the fact that the credit rates in general for the market in 2018 may significantly change.

As the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka, said earlier: "We will be happy if there are examples of Indian investments in the Far East. We will welcome investors from India, we will help them, and we will do our best to start and develop the project. This is our work with investors. We are ready to make every effort to make this project successful, as well as the projects of other investors who come to us to the Far East. "

During the negotiations at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Alexander Galushka assured that the Ministry of Territorial Development of Russia intends to provide comprehensive support to "Tata Power" at all stages of the implementation of the investment project, including in the company's communications with federal and regional authorities, state companies and private Sector. "We are open to Indian partners and we proceed from the fact that we need to find mutually beneficial solutions that would be of interest to investors and serve the development of the Far East," the Minister noted.

According to the Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin, this agreement provides for a comprehensive approach to the implementation of the investment project.

"The deposit is located in a remote region of Kamchatka. Production there is to be created from scratch. Therefore, ahead of all the parties to the agreement, a large-scale work on the launch and implementation of the investment project. It provides for not only the development of the field and the organization of coal mining, but also the construction of transport and other related infrastructure. In particular, the port facilities on the shore of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, warehouse terminals, roads connecting the field with the port and the village of Sobolevo. In turn, the Government of the Kamchatka Krai is ready to make every effort to ensure that this project has taken place. It is of great importance for the region in terms of increasing the transport accessibility of remote areas, creating new jobs, tax revenues to budgets of different levels, and, of course, opening new prospects for international cooperation, "Vladimir Ilyukhin said.

The head of the region noted that in the near future a "road map" on the implementation of the investment project will be developed. It will allow both parties to consider in detail the stages of the creation of future production, to establish key activities and the timing of their implementation.

Also during the meeting, another agreement was signed, within which the Russian side expresses its readiness to facilitate the inclusion of the Krutogorovsky deposit in the borders of the territory of the advanced development of Kamchatka or the Free Port. As the third option, the creation of a new TOR with the main specialization - coal mining is considered.

"Kamchatka has a successful experience in implementing the mechanisms of TOP and Free Port on Territory. These preferential regimes are in demand with business, as they give a number of preferences for the implementation of projects. I am confident that the inclusion of the Krutogorovsky deposit in the Kamchatka TOR, the Free Port or the creation of a new territory for advanced development will speed up the implementation of the project and make it even more attractive for the Indian side, "the governor added.

Krutogorovskoye coal deposit is located in the Sobolevsky district (70 km east of the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk). This is the largest coal deposit in Kamchatka, its proven and estimated reserves are about 260 thousand tons. According to the project, after reaching full capacity, the field will produce up to 10 million tons of coal ready for sale per year.

The Indian energy company Tata Power was founded in 1915. The company operates in all segments of the energy sector: fuel safety and security, generation (thermal, hydro, solar and wind), transmission, distribution and trade. Tata Power is also one of the largest companies in India using renewable energy sources. Apart from India in the field of energy, Tata Power operates in Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, Zambia, Georgia, Norway, Australia and Bhutan.
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