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Date posted 2018-03-08 13:49
Subject Re: OGA Letter   View parent message
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''noting that the matters surrounding Xcites liquidation remain contentious''

contentious... says who...?

here's a simple and undeniable fact...

Xcite borrowed (a lot of) money they couldn't repay on or before the agreed due date...

now pray tell me (from a legal perspective of 'wrongdoing and/or skulduggery' - as appears to be the shareholders course of action) what is so 'contentious' about that...?

I'll tell ya... NONE...!!!

ergo... the only heated, controversial and argumentative debate (befitting of 'contentious' behaviour) going on is amongst a core group of vexed shareholders who simply cannot accept their losses and move on...

oh and BTW... most of the disgruntled shareholders that appear to be still calling for legal or ministerial action, didn't bankroll the company or provide funds towards development and production... they merely bought shares on the open market in the hope the SP would rise so they could sell those shares again at a profit and as we all know in the end, they couldn't and it didn't...

as the old saying goes...

some you win and some you lose...

folks need to get over it and go and get their life back...
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