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    Sat 16:38
    Sat 15:56 2UP
    Sat 12:24 1UP
    Sat 10:02 1UP
    Sat 07:39
    Fri 08:27 13UP
    Thu 22:23
    Thu 20:53 1UP
    Thu 17:11 14UP
    Thu 16:34 7UP
    Thu 15:40 24UP
    Thu 10:01
    Thu 09:47 1UP
    Thu 09:29
    Thu 09:16 1UP
    Thu 09:13 3UP
    Thu 08:52
    Thu 08:26 2UP
    Wed 22:05 12UP
    Wed 21:57 7UP
    Wed 21:56 7UP
    Wed 21:40 8UP
    Wed 20:14 33UP
    Wed 19:46 5UP
    Wed 19:13
    Wed 16:02 7UP
    Wed 15:56 1UP
    Wed 14:31 1UP
    Wed 14:26 1UP
    Wed 14:25
    Wed 13:59 2UP
    Wed 13:58 1UP
    Wed 13:46 7UP
    Wed 10:15 3UP
    Wed 10:01 2UP
    Wed 09:59 2UP
    Wed 08:05 2UP
    Wed 07:39 3UP
    Wed 06:28 5UP
    Tue 22:25 1UP
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