Stocks and Shares Junior ISA

Giving your kids the best start in life

We all want to give our kids the best start to their adult life, by providing a nest-egg when they turn 18 you help them to achieve their full potential. They could use it to pay for university fees to develop their education, fund a gap year that broadens their horizons or simply buy their first car.

By teaching children the importance of planning, saving and investing for the future it can set them on the right path to financial independence. A Junior ISA is a great way to help get them started, and provide them with a nest egg for their adult life.

With finance as part of the new national curriculum you can support their learning at school and introduce them to good investing habits. By involving them in your decisions along the way, you’ll help them to build the confidence they need to make their own financial decisions, so they’ll rely less on the ‘bank of mum and dad’.

How a Junior ISA works

With an Interactive Investor Junior ISA you can invest up to £4,128 every year tax-efficiently for your children. Once you have a trading account with us, simply add a Junior ISA for free in the ‘Add Account’ section.

You can easily fund your Junior ISA in one of two ways either by a lump or, setup a regular investment for just £1.50 per trade for as little as £20 a month.

If you invested just £100 a month for 18 years assuming no growth or loss when your child turned 18 they would automatically get a ISA worth £21,600. You would have paid trading commission along the way but this is only £1.50 a trade when using our regular investment service.

Advantages of a Junior ISA

  • Invest tax-efficiently for your children’s financial future
  • Pay no capital gains tax or further tax on income
  • Automatically converts to a full adult ISA when your child becomes 18
  • Manage your payments by setting up a regular investment
  • Junior ISA is kept within the same login details as your other accounts

What you need to do:

New customers:

Our ISA and Junior ISA are available to add for free to the Interactive Investor account. You’ll get straightforward pricing, personal support, a full range of investment options and the tools you need to take full control of investing for you and your family.

Opening an account is easy. Visit our shares and funds page for more information about our Investment and ISA accounts, and then add a Junior ISA to your account once you are fully set up.

Existing customers:

Step 1Step 2
Sign into your  accountGo to Account Admin
Step1 for Adding a Junior ISA accountStep 2 for Adding a Junior ISA account

Step 3Step 4
Select Junior ISASelect add account
Step3 for Adding a Junior ISA accountStep4 for Adding a Junior ISA account

Key Details

  • The customer who holds a Junior ISA on behalf of their child must be their parent or guardian
  • Customers are unable to use commission credit accrued in their own account within the Junior ISA
  • Account will mature to a full Adult ISA on the customers 18th birthday; customers are unable to withdraw funds prior to the account maturity

Transfer Forms

Junior ISA Transfer Transferring an Existing Jr ISA to Interactive Investor

Child Trust Fund Transfer Transferring a Child Trust Fund Account to an Interactive Investor Junior ISA

Transferring your CTF to a Jr ISA?

You are now able to transfer your Child Trust Fund in to a Junior ISA. For the transfer form, and more information on the process click here to find out more.

Add a Junior ISA account

To add a Jr ISA you'll need to:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to account admin
  • Select 'add account'
  • Select Junior ISA

Add a Junior ISA

If you don't have an account simply open one

Junior ISA Terms and Conditions

Open an account

Opening an account is easy and you will need:

  • Your address details for the last three years
  • Your debit card details including bank account number and sort code
  • Your National Insurance (NI) number

Open an account

Please be aware of the risks involved. The value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change. If in any doubt, please seek advice.