An ISA is a tax-efficient place in which to hold your preferred mix of cash and investments - such as equities, bonds and funds. An Interactive Investor ISA Account ensures you can take full advantage of these benefits by giving you the flexibility and control to make sure it's a perfect fit for your financial goals. It's a great way to invest in your future. Find out more about ISAs

Flexbility at your finger tips. Read our guide to help you find the best ISA for you.

Our ISA Account - the Interactive Investor promise

  • Efficient, easy-to-use and reliable online account with iOS© and Android© apps.
  • Fair, clear and straightforward charges - so you know exactly where you are
  • Friendly, helpful and jargon-free service  - we speak your language
  • Guides, information and ideas - helping you become a better investor

Why choose us?

Investment ideas to kickstart your ISA

Looking for inspiration? Our investment ideas section will give you ideas to act on.

Consider our selection of model portfolios, which you can use to research further or to buy.

Get tips and ideas from our investment experts, review performance tables and use our investment tools to help you decide.

More on investment ideas

Shares ISAs

Shares ISAs aren't for everyone - so we want to help you to make the right investment choices for you:

Good forNot so good for
  • Money you can invest with a longer-term view, typically 5 years or more, for potentially better returns than with cash savings.
  • Growth that’s tax-free
  • Tax savings on the income your investments generate, for higher and additional-rate tax payers,
  • Where you’re comfortable that the value of your investments can go both up and down and that you may get back less than you invested
  • Money you can’t risk losing
  • Generating a regular monthly income – investments typically pay income every six months, and income is not guaranteed
  • Immediate access to the money you’ve invested, as you may have to sell when the price is at a low point and potentially wait at least two working days to receive the proceeds.
  • However, cash already in your investment account can be withdrawn immediately.

 You can have a Shares ISA as well as a Cash ISA if you haven’t used your full Cash ISA allowance.

ISA limits and allowances

Cash ISA
Shares ISA
Junior ISA
Available to UK residents
16+ 18+ Born on or after 3 January 2011*
Annual ISA limits: 2014/2015
Up to £15,000 in total, any combination
Up to £4,000 in total, in any combination
Up to £15,240 in total, any combination Up to £4,080 in total, in any combination
Tax-free income
Y - Interest paid gross
Y - Net of 10% dividend tax
Y - Interest paid gross, dividends net of 10% tax
Tax-free capital growth
N Y N Cash
Y Shares
Cash withdrawal
Can range from Instant Access to Fixed Term
Instant Access on cash balances or once sales have been 'settled'
Cash - can range from Instant Access to Fixed Term Shares - Instant Access
Move funds between Cash and Shares
Available from Interactive Investor
N Y N Cash
Y Shares

*See Junior ISA for more details

ISA Myths # 1

ISAs are something you only open, or pay into, at either end of a tax year.

In fact, you can open, and pay into, an ISA Account at any time in the year.

Why wait for April - it’s better to plan your ISA as part of your overall savings and investments. That way, you’re ahead of the game and can pay in whenever it suits you best.

ISA Myth # 2

You have to pay in the full annual allowance in one go.

Your allowance is a bit like a speed limit – it’s a maximum not a target! You can pay into an ISA Account whenever and whatever you can afford to (up to the annual allowance). And you don’t have to use-up your allowance all at once – or even at all. However, be aware that any unused allowance in one year can’t be carried forward to the next one.

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Risk warning

The value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change. If in any doubt, please seek advice.

Read our ISA Guide

Want to learn a bit more about ISAs, the new found flexibility to move between cash ISAs and Shares ISA and how you can buildyour ISA to fit your own investment objectives?

Get the full story with our ISA guide

Got an ISA already?

Bring all your ISAs together.

If you already have ISAs elsewhere, you can bring them all together with us. Having your investments together in one place is not just convenient, it makes good sense too as you’re better able to manage your overall portfolio.

With our simple, flat fee charging structure, it’s cost-effective too - we don’t penalise our customers for holding more investments with us, or charge more as the value of those investments grow.  

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Take care of your children's future

With an Interactive Investor Junior ISA you can invest up to £4,080 every year tax-efficiently for your children. Once you have a trading account with us, simply add a Junior ISA for free in the ‘Add Account’ section.

More about Junior ISAs