Charges and Rebates

Investment, ISA and SIPP Account

We pride ourselves on our transparency and competitive charges. We believe our charges take a lead in rebating all the income we receive on funds holdings.

Investment Charges

Buy or sell UK funds and shares

£10 - standard fee, per trade

£1.50 per trade for regular investments with Portfolio Builder
Buy or sell international shares £10 per trade
Frequent Trader Rate

£5 per trade

Buy or sell more than 10 times in a month, and you’ll pay just £5 for any further trades for the rest of that month.

Funds, real-time UK and international share trades all qualify. Find out more

Buying or selling by phone No additional charge

Quarterly fee – payable in early Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct


This covers your first two real-time trades in the quarter (or the value of £20 of trades, including regular investments) which can be used across your Trading, ISA and SIPP account.

Transfers Out

£0 for up to 10 lines of stock – for customers who have been with us for less than a year*

£15 per line of stock – when an account has been open for more than a year

*We believe once you start investing with our service and with our flat fee pricing you will want to stay with us. So we’re happy to waive our transfer-out charges to another broker, for up to ten lines of stock (£15 per line of stock after that), if you choose to leave us within a year of opening your account. (Please note, if you wish to convert a shareholding into a paper certificate, our normal fees for this will apply.) We’ll also waive our SIPP transfer-out fee.

VCTs Processing Charge

Flat rate of £30

We will make no further charges for the day-to-day custody services of your investments, including corporate actions and dividend processing, regardless of the investment types you choose.

Additional Benefits

Funds – income rebate

We offer thousands of clean funds. The typical AMC of an actively managed fund is 0.75%.

Where you already hold old-style investments, we will pass on to you all ongoing commission we receive.

On a typical old-style fund with a 1.5% Annual Management Charge, this would be 0.74% of your investment every year.

Zero-charge share dealing days From time to time we will make special offers available to our customers, including charge-free share dealing days.

Please note interest will not be paid on cash held in your Investment or ISA account. Interest on SIPP accounts is paid at 0.1%.

Additional SIPP Charges

Set up charge No charge
Annual administration (payable in advance annually:

£80+ VAT per annum

Transfer-in of pension benefits from another pension provider:

£50 + VAT per pension transfer (maximum of £300 + Vat per SIPP)

Full or partial transfer-out of pension benefits to another pension provider:

Free when transferring out within 12 months of opening your SIPP account, thereafter:

£100 + VAT per transfer


Benefits Crystallisation Event:

£160 + VAT (one-off drawdown set-up fee)

Pension Review:

£160 + VAT (required drawdown income review - charged at review date, every three years, every year for over 75s)

Income Withdrawal:

£130 + VAT pa up to the age of 75 (only payable when residual pension payments are paid*)

£210 + VAT pa after the age of 75 (only payable when residual pension payments are paid*)
Annuity Purchase: £75 + VAT
Flexible Drawdown£260 + VAT
Projection of Benefits£160 + VAT
Death Benefits£300 + VAT
Pension Sharing on Divorce£300 + VAT
TrivialityTriviality - £500 + VAT

* 90% of our current drawdown customers (Jan 2014) do not pay the annual income withdrawal fee as they have elected to only take a pension lump sum and choose not to take any further residual income at that point.

All SIPP fees are subject to annual review.

Other Charges

Transfers In (Investment and ISA account only): No charge
Transfers Out (Investment and ISA account only): £15 per line of stock
Dividend Reinvestment Charge: 1% of the value of the dividend paid (capped at £10)
Dividend Pay-away minimum: We will only pay away dividends of more than £25, per line of stock
Stamp Duty:

UK equities: 0.5%

Irish equities: 1%

PTM Levy:

(Flat-rate charge on equity sales and purchases where the consideration is £10,000 or more to finance the Panel of Takeovers and Mergers.)
Share certificate conversion (to online holding): Free (only available for Crest securities)
Online share holding conversion (to paper certificate): £20 per certificate (only available for Crest securities)
FX conversion charge on International securities 1% of consideration. We share this charge with our provider and our % will be reflected on your contract note.
Share Certificate sent by registered post (optional)£7.50

Further administration charges

Registration of Legal Documents (Estates)


Same-day payment – on request £25
CHAPS Payment £25
Payment by cheque for cash withdrawal £25 for each cheque issued
Unpaid direct debits or bounced cheque £20
Insufficient funds (to pay charges)


Late settlement / Sell out / Buy Back charge £40 per investment
Hard copy of any documents: contract note, statement, CTV £10 per document
Dividend Pay-away The minimum amount which we will pay away must exceed £25 per line of stock

Overdue payment

£5 for first communication, £10 for each additional communication

Valuation of holdings for probate £10 per stock

Copy of telephone call recording

(this is waived when we are found at fault)

Transcript of telephone call recording

(this is waived when we are found at fault)

Company information

Interactive Investor Trading Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a member of the London Stock Exchange. Registered office: Standon House, 21 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AA. Registered in England with Company Registration Number 3699618.

Our SIPP provider, The Lifetime SIPP Company Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered Address: Blandford House, 77 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Majors Road, Watchfield, Swindon. SN6 8TY. Registered Company Number 2455807