Morgan Stanley 2.4% 2023 Index-Linked Income Bond

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The Morgan Stanley Index-Linked Income Bond - 2.4% p.a. maturing 24 April 2023

Interactive Investor is pleased to announce our participation in the latest bond offer from Morgan Stanley

Key documents

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Morgan Stanley factsheet

Morgan Stanley prospectus

Morgan Stanley final terms

Offer Features

Morgan Stanley B.V. (Netherlands)

ISIN  / SEDOL                       

XS0910508034 / B94WGL7

Offer period3 April - midday 17 April 2013
GuarantorMorgan Stanley (USA)  
Guarantor rating:A- (S&P), Baa1 (Moody's), A (Fitch) as of 27 March 2013
Tenure10 years
Issue date24 April 2013
Maturity24 April 2023
Semi annual coupon1.2% (2.4% p.a.) multiplied by movement of the UK RP I for the relevant Coupon Payment Date. The movement of the UK RPI is calculating by dividing the level of the UK RP I relevant to each Coupon Payment Date by the Initial UK RPI Level (refer Factsheet and final terms)
Denomination (Par)
GBP 100
Issue price100% of Par
Issue size (capped)*                                          GBP 50mio
ListingLondon Stock Exchange (ORB)
Approved Jurisdictions: UK, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man

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