Share of the week: What's fuelling this fiery rally?

Operating in the challenging oil industry has caused debt levels at this African-focused explorer to rocket. So, asks Harriet Mann: why is it leading the FTSE 350 this week?

The week ahead: Paddy Power Betfair, Sage

The week ahead: Paddy Power Betfair, Sage

In a short week, recently merged Paddy Power Betfair will report, along with software group Sage.

Snubbing AIM carries serious risk

AIM main market risk reward alternative investment small-cap

Companies are snubbing AIM for lighter regulation and lower costs elsewhere, but former AIM writer of the year Andrew Hore has an urgent warning for small-cap investors.

Is this 'abnormal' too cheap?

abnormal company smoke detectors Sprue Aegis France legislation EU undervalued

Things are far from normal at this firm - but companies analyst Richard Beddard will be surprised if it isn't worth considerably more than it is now.

The stockmarket in May: time to sell?

Stockmarket in May statistics Summer Period sell anomalies FTSE accurate rule

Opening the traditionally weak Summer period, May is known as the month to flog stocks and pocket the profits. Stephen Eckett explores how accurate this rule of thumb really is.

Insider: Sirius Minerals, huge sales, brave buys

Insider director dealings Sirius People's Operator Mortgage Advice Bureau

It's been a busy period for insider deals these past few days. Lee Wild reveals which boardrooms are buying and which have been selling this week.

Stockwatch: Keep powder dry for summer jitters

Stockwatch the big picture central banks Fed China debt equities oil recovery

Should you really 'sell in May' as stimulus efforts fizzle? Edmond Jackson examines the big issues all investors should understand as summer approaches.

Oil gushes past last resistance

Oil price technical analysis brent crude $28 $64 $105 market recovery

Brent crude has broken above the last remaining downtrend, and technical analyst Alistair Strang sees one heck of an argument for the price to go much higher.

History's second-oldest bull can still charge

Bull market longest history optimistic EU referendum markets correction recovery

Hours from becoming officially the second-longest of all time, investment legend Ken Fisher thinks this bull run could still deliver massive returns.  

Time to buy into 'world-changing' tech funds?

Technology future GM foods energy solar pharmaceuticals biotech population

Technologies like solar power and biotech are 'future world-changers', says Douglas Chadwick at Saltydog, and tech funds are starting to feel the benefit.