Brexit: where to invest in the aftermath

Brexit: where to invest in the aftermath

What does Brexit mean for the major regions and where should investors put their money following the shock result? Adrian Lowcock at Axa Wealth has the answers.

Stockwatch: A 'buy' for security and income

Stockwatch: A 'buy' for security and income

Survive the weak pound with this blue chip, says Edmond Jackson, who believes the shares are a great defensive play in a post-Brexit world.

Barclays flashing warning signs

Barclays flashing warning signs

Technical analyst Alistair Strang has revisited the Barclays chart and doesn't like what he sees. Here are the big numbers to watch for.

Brexit: a shock for markets, or a crisis?

Brexit shock risk-off mood how long global effects central bank policy inflation

Brexit's long-term effects are unknown, but the immediate question is how long the risk-off mood will last. Stephanie Flanders at JP Morgan offers some predictions.

How fund managers are reacting to Brexit shock

Money Observer portfolios growth income growth weather Brexit storm losses

It's three days since the UK's vote to quit the EU and the hit to investments is substantial. Helen Pridham asks the managers how Money Observer's portfolios are faring.

Chart of the week: Brexit blows charts wide open

Brexit aftermath UK company share price chart damage technical analysis

Markets have entered the great unknown and volatility is inevitable, but technical analyst John Burford still sees opportunities to trade.

The Monday morning (Brexit) call

Monday morning active trading short-term outlook market selling Brexit call

Money manager Lance Roberts gives us the short-term outlook for markets this week, with analysis for active traders.

How far will post-Brexit FTSE 100 fall?

FTSE 100 market post Brexit plunge how far to go technical analysis 5,270

The writing is not on the wall for equities after a Brexit plunge, argues chartist Alistair Strang. There's a chance it's a 'fake', although futures charts tell a far darker story.

Share of the week: Love this gold digger

Share of the week: Love this gold digger

Equities fell off a cliff Friday, but this safe haven is as popular as ever. Its shares have just hit a three-year high and it's Harriet Mann's share of the week.

Bargain hunter: new manager and double-digit discount

cut price discount investment trust double digit Asia China emerging markets

Money Observer's Marina Gerner has hunted down another bargain investment trust, this time sporting a blockbuster 12% discount and a new manager with a cracking record.