The decisions that make or break investors

Investor decision making technology air partner online broking acquisitions

When technology is threatening to eat part of your business, however admirable, it's time to move on, warns Richard Beddard.

AIM's most obvious takeover targets

AIM alternative investment market takeover targets desirable post Brexit winners

With the pound at multi-decade lows and overseas predators circling, former AIM journalist of the year Andrew Hore picks his top takeover targets on the junior market.

The Week Ahead: Next, Hill & Smith

The Week Ahead: Next, Hill & Smith market outlook roundup company news

Investors will eagerly await troubled retailer Next's second-quarter results Wednesday, to see if they confirm the boss's prediction that this will be its toughest year since 2008.

Share of the week: Insatiable appetite for this share

Share of the week: Insatiable appetite for this share tech food Brexit resilient

It's been another knock-out period for this share and investors continue to pile their plates high. Harriet Mann asks: is there room for any more growth?

Bargain hunter: Star manager's trust at 20% discount

Investment trust bargain hunter star manager Henderson Opportunities discount

Money Observer's own investment trust bargain hunter Kyle Caldwell reveals another corker: a trust run by a big-name investor, trading at an unusually high discount.

Ignore market noise and focus on fundamentals

expert investing tactics exploit difference market narrative fundamentals data

Many pro investors make decisions by spotting the difference between the market's narrative and the facts on the ground. David Jane at Miton explains how it's done.

Is equities bull market exhausting itself?

The Big Picture macroeconomics equities bull market central bank QE keep working

Markets have rallied in an era of easy money, but Edmond Jackson worries the Goldilocks story is heading for a sticky end.

Next steps up for FTSE 100

FTSE 100 London blue-chip index technical analysis next steps futures rally

Technical analyst Alistair Strang doesn't usually finish a week with optimism, but his charts say the index can and will keep growing - if these levels are met.

Insider: Big buying and profit taking

Insider director dealing Tate & Lyle Ashtead buying profit taking FTSE 100 firms

After London hit a new 12-month high this week, one company boss has trousered fat profits, but one director is still buying big. Lee Wild reveals who.

20 top tracker funds for new investors

20 top tracker passive funds fund buying guide Moneywise beginner investors

Moneywise editor Moira O'Neill has compiled 50 of the best funds for new investors. Here are her top 20 passive picks, along with a handy guide to fund-buying.