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Trends and Targets for 3/07/2015

BP OIL PLC.  (LSE:BP.) has entered Interactive Investor's Top Ten Topics, so we shall finish the week with a look at what's going on against this share alone. The share has behaved badly since the Gulf spill with only drops tending to match our calculations with rises tending fizzle out not even half way to target. The surprising thing is the chart actually gives some hope for the future.

Trends and Targets for 2/07/2015

FRONTERA RES. and EURASIA MIN.  (FTSE:FRR + LSE:EUA) are our next two topics on Interactive Investors Top Ten. Frontera bothers us a little currently as the share price seems destined to find a near term 0.625p. This isn't that big a deal but the secondary if such a level breaks is at 0.35p. As the chart shows, this would take the price below RED which has been a pretty useful uptrend since 2012. We've circled a movement last year which bugs us as the share was taken below the trend during a session and this suggests 'they' are not afraid to break the trend. Critically though, on that occasion the price did not actually close below the trend and we suspect it was one of these brown trouser moments the market likes inflicting on traders.

Trends and Targets for 1/07/2015

XCITE and TOROTRAK  (FTSE:UKX + LSE:SXX) are the next two topics on Interactive Investors Top Ten. To take Torotrak first, it stinks. This was a share where we'd been showing an 'ultimate bottom' of 10p (link here to prior article) and the price has managed below. Thankfully the share remains trading and in the period since breaking our 10p, has done sufficient to illustrate 6.5p as providing a hopeful bounce point anytime now. Ideally it will bounce before 6.5p as closure below such a point will once again provide lower targets prefaced with minus signs. Which is never encouraging.

Trends and Targets for 30/06/2015

THE FTSE and SIRIUS MINERALS (FTSE:UKX + LSE:SXX) are the next two topics showing as Interactive Investors Top Ten. The headline really should read "The FTSE does a Whoopsie" as allegedly it's heading to 6486 points with secondary, if broken, at 6282 points. There's a couple of things legislating against this and they are both historic market trends.

Trends and Targets for 29/06/2015

AMUR MINERALS and GULF KEYSTONE (LSE:AMC + LSE:GKP) start our week of examining the Top Ten chat topics on Interactive Investor. Some of the shares being covered are already part of our daily report, so we'll be a bit vague in our comments against these but hopefully more enjoyable than the final Top Gear without JC in the studio. Just what was the big elephant doing in the room?. Next week, we shall again return to safe territory, examining constituent sector members of the FTSE. A share doesn't need a plethora of discussion for the price to move. In fact, some of our recent subjects seem to have slipped completely under the chatroom radar. (ie; HSS Hire)

Trends and Targets for 26/06/2015

PREMIER FARNELL (LSE:PFL) ends our week looking at the FTSE Support Services sector. In our wander through various sectors of the market, this one has stood out quite strongly as showing optimism for the future. All it needs is the feel of the market to improve. And world peace... To examine the dangers first, we've a couple of areas of concern. Firstly, the spike below RED, the uptrend since 2008 bothers us. While the share did not close below RED, it showed the gremlins who mess with share prices were not afraid to break the trend and often, this is a warning signal of dangers ahead.

Trends and Targets for 25/06/2015

Trends and Targets for 24/06/2015

Trends and Targets for 23/06/2015

HSS HIRE (LSE:HSS) has a shark in the water below 155p. Since the share started trading at the start of February, 155p has represented a logical bottom and the price is getting painfully close. Ideally we shall be looking for a bounce anytime now as we cannot calculate anything below 155p on the current price cycle. .Logically, the implication is that should this share somehow close below 155p, something other than market trading forces is fouling with its potentials but from our perspective, we're clueless.

When we drill down to minute by minute moves, we can justify the current cycle drops as the flurry of activity around the 171p level was the sort of stutter we tend expect from a target level and thus, it gives some assurance we're only watching choreography designed to scare the pants off investors. Ideally this share should bounce anytime now and we're therefore looking for a movement near term which will signal the price has actually bottomed.

Trends and Targets for 22/06/2015

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