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Trends and Targets for 6/03/2015

FRIDAY FREEBIE - Our initial Futures targets are NOT x'd out. Our AIM today is LONDON CAPITAL GROUP  (LSE:LCG)   which completes our week of obscure AIM shares. Something to get out of the way is this company shows an ultimate bottom of 12p and we cannot calculate anything below such a point. The reason for mentioning this relates to the shares current dance steps as further weakness below 28.5p points at traffic in the direction of 22.25p. And this is where is gets dangerous as, should the share price CLOSE below 22p, it ticks the final box for a trip to 12p.

So, having started with all the miserable news, where's the good bit?

Trends and Targets for 5/03/2015

MINERA IRL  (LSE:MIRL)  is currently illustrating that sometimes long term downtrends cannot be relied upon.   As the chart shows, despite a breakout through Light Blue, nothing really has happened and we tend suspect the Dark Blue line will be impetus for this to actually do something interesting. This implies the share needs better 4.7p to signal it's probably going to go up and other initial breakout target is at 7.2p with secondary 8p. As always, we've a massive however lurking on the screen and it's the pink line at 12p.

The price of this share should not have fallen below 12p

Trends and Targets for 4/03/2015

NEW WORLD RES.  (LSE:NRW)  presents one of the classic issues we face with some shares. How the heck to analyse a flat line? Strictly speaking, you can't but NWR is a share which has traded, rather brutally, from 10 quid down to just above a penny. In the event of it moving below 1p, we run out of numbers but given the share is actually trading, it seems worthwhile to look for signals which will suggest it coming alive again. Around the end of this month, two major trends rather amazingly interject at the current share price level and we suspect they will prove capable of promoting some sort of action. Currently, in the event of the price managing above a mid-price of 1.3p, it seems probable the price will target an initial 1.6p with secondary 1.9p. In fact, longer term we can extrapolate 2.9p but would rather hope this occurs sometime in April, hopefully with the benefit of positive news.

Trends and Targets for 3/03/2015

BEOWULF  (LSE:BEM)  illustrates our inability to find free clipart of Grendel. So we used the Grim Reaper instead! Essentially the share has a worst case bottom of 1.15p and that's it. We cannot calculate anything below such a level. What is a tad curious comes from movements on the 2nd March as they suggest the price faces a walkdown toward 1.175 in the month ahead, rather neatly matching our ultimate bottom level. What was strange was, until movements on 2nd March, the price had been cheerfully trading in territory suggesting future growth to 3.15p, maybe even 4.6p if rises were driven by positive sentiment. But something has changed and we tend to expect the worst. What will be of interest is March is whether the market opts to prolong the agony by dealing the misery with a series of price cuts while ensuring the share price remains above BLUE on the chart.

This would be an ideal scenario

Trends and Targets for 2/03/2015

FASTJET  (LSE:FJET)  starts our week of looking at obscure AIM shares. As the chart below shows, the share price is reacting to a trend but we're a bit bamboozled as to which trend! If it's the downtrend in light blue, the share price needs CLOSE above 1.33p to signal coming growth to a fairly useless 1.77p. But otherwise, any miracle closure above 1.42 (Dark Blue) will suggest the initial point of interest should be at 2.5p. But in fairness, we rather suspect a dollop of positive news will be required.

Trends and Targets for 27/02/2015

It's our "Last Friday of the Month Freebie". None of the futures potentials below are redacted. The opening movement on RBS to 414, followed by a "gotcha drop" tends confirm we've been monitoring the correct trend and our argument, should RBS actually trade above 414p then the UK market will start real growth is probably going to prove accurate.

JAPAN Nikkei 225  (NIK:NI225)  is viewed as heading to 19300 points next with secondary at a longer term 21860 points. It would need slip below 15860 to cancel this prospect, so there's the stop level for those with deep pockets and unlimited faith in our numbers. What is blooming weird is the detail these numbers are virtually identical to the Dow Jones longer term prospects which we gave yesterday.

Trends and Targets for 26/02/2015

The UK stock market has absurd numbers of shares poised at the edge of substantial triggering movements. This situation has been building for several months and if the market does intend exploding into life, an easy visual clue will be RBS trading above 414p. If a retail bank starts to outperform, it bodes well for everything else.

The DOW JONES  (DOWi:DJI)  is viewed as heading to 19900 points with secondary at a longer term 21811 points. It would need slip below 15900 to cancel this prospect, so there's the stop level for those with deep pockets and unlimited gullibility.

Trends and Targets for 25/02/2015

 AUSTRALIA INDEX  (ASX:XJO)  was showing with an issue around the 5960 level, a point from which 'the rules' tend suggest some sort of reversal is due, if only to gather sufficient oomph to go higher. The funny thing is, should the index now CLOSE above 5961, we'll have little choice but to view a new cycle as beginning, next time to 6192 points. But even the visuals suggest some drama's should occur around the current level as it's close enough to our target and the market has 'form' historically at this point in space.

Trends and Targets for 24/02/2015

THE DAX  (dbi:DAX)  continues to prove how accurate UK politicians are, when we're being asked to believe the UK is outperforming every other country in Europe. Slightly at odds with this is the fact the DAX bettered its personal equivalent of the FTSE's 6937 level back in March 2013 and has remorselessly climbed from the 8000 level to 11000+ since while the UK has languished. Importantly, from a Big Picture viewpoint, we're showing 11465 as the next major point of interest on this index. Once it closes above 11240, this target becomes pretty inevitable. Secondary, for the longer term, is at a pretty stunning 13882.

Trends and Targets for 23/02/2015

THE FTSE  (FTSE:UKX)  almost produced an "On This Day in History" move on Friday 20th February. For rather a long time, we've had a requirement the market CLOSE above 6937 to transit from 'Recovery' to ' Growth' mode and, while the session ended at 6915, we cannot ignore the detail of the futures continuing the party and closing for the weekend at 6948. Obviously, our calculations are based on the real market, so we're not firing a party popper just yet. BUT... currently the index is pointing at 6977 as a major point of interest with secondary, if bettered, at  7090 points. The market would need slip below 6550 to cancel these targets on the immediate upward cycle.

Obviously, this presents a pretty daft stop loss level!

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