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Trends and Targets for 29/08/2014

Admiral Group (LSE:ADM) has a share price which is currently in the position of being one for the brave. As the big picture chart shows, there's a RED line and in the event of the price managing to CLOSE below 1318p, we've a reasonable bottom potential at 1083p.

But importantly, the price seems poised to make some sort of bounce from RED which is good as it ensures the price remains on a long term path to 1682p with secondary, if bettered, at a distant 1975p.

Trends and Targets for 28/08/2014

Berkeley Min Res (LSE:BMR) has finally started doing something interesting. Maybe! We're showing it on a path to 2.56p next with secondary, should it attain closure above 2.45p, at 3.45p. It needs fall below 1.7 to murder optimism. We'd been confidently supposing near term growth was certain as it looked like it was going to close above 2p. Alas, it closed at bang on 2p with the result we need it to exceed 2.15p now to convince us of movement with some integrity. Hopefully this answers "Elle11" on BMR's iii chatroom!

ABERDEEN ASSET MGMT (LSE:ADN)  continues our FTSE100 component view and at first glance, it's obvious the share has

Trends and Targets for 27/08/2014

A.B. FOODS (LSE:ABF) has a cracking chart historically. Thankfully it's a share we've never been asked about as the price has outperformed pretty consistently until this year when things seem to have reached some sort of plateau However, there's little doubt that in the event of the company trading above 3160. the price should head to 3450p next.

If there's trouble intended, the price would need move below  

Trends and Targets for 26/08/2014

 3i Group (LSE:iii) celebrates the start of our alphabetical countdown of FTSE 100 components not included in our daily analysis. We notice it achieved our initial long term target of 414p earlier this year, managing to close above this point on several occasions. In future, in the event of this share closing above such a point, we're tending to favour our next upward target level at 510p.

Trends and Targets for 22/08/2014

GB POUND vs CANADIAN DOLLAR (FOREX:GBPCAD) is in a fascinating place and we're able to suggest it wants to head to 2.08 next with only one small criteria needing met. That small criteria will be the ability for it to trade above 1.867 and it's currently proving an issue. The currency pair has managed to break above BLUE on the chart but, throughout 2014, it simply has stopped, essentially flatlining. This rather neatly demonstrates there's a heck of a difference between breaking a trend and, actually going up!

This flatline behaviour obviously is bothering us

Trends and Targets for 21/08/2014

GB POUND vs AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR (FOREX:GBPAUD) is, of all the currency pairs under examination this week, one of the more interesting from our perspective. The innocent RED line along the bottom dates back to 1976 and, as shown, it was broken through 2012. The recovery above RED has been somewhat precise and careful but we're tending to regard RED as dangerous due to any further break below (currently 1.65) liable to be rather sharp.

Trends and Targets for 20/08/2014

GB POUND vs JAPAN YEN (FOREX:GBPJPY) shows an interesting potential on the current price cycle. Essentially, in the event of this currency pair now trading above just 175.5, we're pretty convinced it will show some growth to 186.2 next with secondary, if bettered, at a longer term (and visually amazing) 208.  Of course, things rarely move in a straight line and currently the relationship is showing some slight signs of weakness.

In the event of it now trading below 169.4,

Trends and Targets for 19/08/2014

GB POUND vs US DOLLAR (FOREX:GBPUSD) has an interesting potential making itself known currently. Despite Sterling showing remarkable strength against the dollar, it has entered a near term downtrend. As a result, unless the pair manages to exceed 1.680 anytime soon, we'd expect weakness to an initial 1.648 with secondary, if broken, at 1.622. Given at time of writing the relationship is at 1.6725, that's a pretty tight stop loss point for such a massive droop

Trends and Targets for 18/08/2014

GB POUND vs EURO (FOREX:GBPEUR) is certainly due an update as both the world situation, along with the UK's own internal politics, are liable to have an effect on 'stuff'. Firstly, to deal with the blindingly obvious, since 2008 a glass ceiling has developed at 1.2920 (Let's cut out the funny money and just call it 1.29. In the event of the currency pair trading above such a point, we'll be quite happy it's heading t0 1.35 next with secondary, if bettered, at a longer term 1.45

Secondly, we've drawn one of our BLUE lines which dates back to May 2000. As can be seen, this trend seems important as it has been respected rather carefully over the years. In the event of the relationship managing to trade above just 1.27, we'd regard this as probable early warning of coming growth with Sterling able to show some remarkable strength.

Of course, we've drawn a RED line and currently this level

Trends and Targets for 15/08/2014

SAROSSA (LSE:SARS) appeared in our 'punt' portfolio, something which tends to be ignored from year to year as it comprised a batch of shares that had a couple of hundred quid sprinkled on each, then forgotten about until a rainy day in the distant future. The thinking was of one multi bagger paying for all.  In honesty, most of them have been a waste of time in the last five years, doing nothing other than explain some of the motivation which led to us developing our analysis software. SARS is a greater puzzle than most as we've no idea who this company was. Presumably it was a takeover creation other than a change of name as we've no historical data to back up the price.

Anyway, we've got an anonymous turkey to view and worse, only data since the start of May 2014.

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