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Trends and Targets for 1/08/2014

SIRIUS PET  (LSE:SRSP) is todays turkey. Which actually isn't too bad as being trapped at break-even is simply a matter of boredom. Unfortunately, this period of boredom has continued since 2012 with the share constantly failing to achieve any breakout upward of substance. As the chart shows, the price needs now exceed 4.5p before any rise can be taken seriously, so we're looking for any early warning signals capable of propelling the price above such a point.

Firstly though, the share is showing with a bottom potential at 1.875p and we cannot calculate any number below such a point which is not prefaced with a minus sign! Even in the event of the price managing to close below 2.5p, we'd tend take it as an early warning of impending doom.

Currently the share is trading at the 3p mark and need only CLOSE above 3.65 to hopefully give early warning of coming g

Trends and Targets for 31/07/2014

SCOTGOLD RESOURCES  (LSE:SGZ) continues our look at a collection of turkey shares. We'd a thick line at 4.1p, suggesting movement below such a level capable of provoking a best guess 0.28p. For some odd reason (patriotism or

Trends and Targets for 30/07/2014

TANFIELD  (LSE:TAN) proved that having green potentials does not guarantee growth. The share price is in a curious position currently and hints that near term growth exceeding 18.75 should lift the price to an astounding 19.75p, sparking jubilation or something perhaps closer to pity. As the chart shows though, such a trivial movement would be fairly useful as it would indicate the period of moronic movements since the share was forced down in 2012 has hopefully come to an end. The better news is, in the event of closure above 19.75p, we're looking at growth to a rather more useful 25.75p.

On the chart, we've drawn a pretty red

Trends and Targets for 29/07/2014

STELLAR DIAMONDS  (LSE:STEL) is probably due some attention as it's one of the turkey shares which trapped us back in the olden days when they traded under a different name. It provoked the years of work, finally producing the series of algo's which allow us to get price movements right. Before they happen. Currently STEL cannot be regarded as going up until the price manages to CLOSE a session above 2.1p. Therefore; the current dance steps being enacted are of some interest as, in the event of the share trading above just 1.8p, we're looking at an initial 2.375p.

Obviously, this sort of movement would encompass the hope of CLOSURE above 2,1p and allow us to mention the possibility of a longer term visit to 3.5p and hopefully beyond.

On the chart below, there's a RED line at 1.1p currently

Trends and Targets for 28/07/2014

 THE NIKKEI (NIK:NI225) scares the heck out of us as the index is known as the gap toothed monster. The entire market is moved to match the futures market and this creates - from our perspective - something completely illogical. But if we allow the machine to consume the futures numbers, something interesting is revealed.

Apparently, Japan is heading to 16860 next, a number which is a really big deal. The subtle BLUE line along the top of the chart dates from early 2000 and currently this index needs better 16100 to exceed it. But if it does, growth of a further 700+ points is available and at time of writing, the market has ticked the se

Trends and Targets for 25/07/2014

BHP BILLITON (LSE:BLT) has finally managed to pull off two important strokes. Firstly, the price broke through its long term downtrend from 2011 and secondary, perhaps more important, the share has CLOSED above PINK on the chart. The pink line at 2000p has been designated as important for the last 18 months - we call this sort of thing a glass ceiling - and by getting above it, we suspect the price is going up.

On the immediate cycle, the share shows with further movement exceeding 2085p leading to 2160p. If the movement triggers, the share price would require slip below PINK at 2000p to cancel the upward cycle.

However, realistically, the price is now regarded as heading to 2352p a

Trends and Targets for 24/07/2014

THE AIM MARKET (FTSE:AXX) seems always to be on the edge of some dramatics but this time, it's quite serious. As the chart shows, there's a pretty well defined RED LINE which dates back to the misery of 2009 when everything went wrong. The index has just hit it!

In the event of the AIM closing below 768 points - just 5 points below the curr

Trends and Targets for 23/07/2014

THE DOW JONES (DOW:DJI) has managed to place itself in a positive zone, suggesting the index intends a visit to 17251. Before everyone rushes out to open a long position, there's a couple of elements bothering us. We routinely watch 'the real market' and increasingly, we've started mapping 'the futures market' in the hope of utterly confusing ourselves. In real life, when the DOW is trading, the futures market moves in harmony, sometimes a little ahead, sometimes a little behind.. The chart below is for DOW FUTURES. Please remember this.

The argument favouring coming movement to 17251 is fairly s

Trends and Targets for 22/07/2014

OILEX (LSE:OEX) has done right by their share price recently and whatever is pushing the upward cycle tends to suggest continued movement above 9.6p should drive the price in the direction of an initial 11.4p. We can calculate a longer term potential of 15.5p and notice it even makes sense given such an aspiration closed the circled gap on the historical chart.

If the rise intends to turn into a pump

Trends and Targets for 21/07/2014

SAGE (LSE:SGE) share price looks like it may be in a little trouble. Lots of people will be watching the gap from 347p and tending to suspect the current share path will be capable of 'closing' the gap. Indeed, we're showing the price as heading to 348p, the share needing exceed 400p (BLUE) to cancel the argument. The problem is, should the price manage to CLOSE below 348p, it breaks the immediate uptrend and ticks the first box in a long term logic pointing at 248p. We'd tend expect some foul

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