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Trends and Targets for 31/10/2014

 FRIDAY FREEBIE - NONE of the numbers on futures redacted ! The FTSE provoked a few emails asking for explanation of our new lunchtime method. Click here to view a webpage and chart which illustrates a recent movement, along with our reasoning. Needless to say, our longer term prospect of 6524 remains valid and we'll feel it shall become realistic if the FTSE betters 6476 again.

MARKS & SPENCER GRP (LSE:MKS) is similar to other retailers with one important difference. It's not entirely stuffed yet! But if the price closes below 383p,

Trends and Targets for 30/10/2014

The FTSE provided a masterclass in our new method of presenting lunchtime trades. In an effort to ensure a day trade doesn't risk clients being trapped, we're giving an expected 'first movement on trigger' target and with the FTSE, it was from 6461 to 6474 points. Once triggered, the market managed to get 6475.3 before suffering a near 50 point reversal!  Importantly, a two point stop would have sufficed for this first move and this is also part of the cunning plan. "LONG . Entry: 6461 Exit: Safe exit at 6474 or longer term at 6524 " In our world, we prefer suggesting relatively quick and terror free potentials!


Trends and Targets for 29/10/2014

The FTSE still needs visit 6326 to undo the opening second damage from Monday. The market had one of these fruitcake afternoons where we got excited by a 3 point movement but the FTSE need now only better 6441 points to foul up our calculation expecting a bottom of 6326. Given Futures got to 6440 during the evening session, perhaps it's going to prove possible. However, should it manage below 6394 again, it seems that once again our bottom target enters the frame,

KINGFISHER (LSE:KGF) is in the unfortunate position of two quite different logics pointing to the same drop target.

Trends and Targets for 28/10/2014

The FTSE used its most effective tool to ensure we threw a hissy fit. As clients are bored of hearing, when a share is 'spiked' at the open, either up or down, this is often used by the market as a tool to slow down movements. In the case of the FTSE, being spiked to 6443 in the opening second rather effectively provided a 'duvet day' for the markets. Our in-house rule of thumb is, should an opening spike upward not be bettered after sixty minutes, the day is stuffed until such time the damage is undone. In the case of the FTSE, the implication is the market needs visit 6326 to undo this damage. And worse, it's going to do it another day...

JOHNSON MATTHEY (LSE:JMAT) has, similar to many other shares, moved into a position which threatens further weakness.

Trends and Targets for 27/10/2014

The FTSE is looking a bit interesting as it need only better 6433 to signal an initial 6495 with secondary at a longer term 6605 points. This would be a good thing to see in the week ahead as, by bettering 6555 it would give the first signal our dire bottoming viewpoint is a load of tosh.


INTU PROPERTIES (LSE:INTU) This is looking fairly useful as growth above 350p

Trends and Targets for 24/10/2014

Friday Freebie - We've given a preview of our Index / Commods / Forex etc with the numbers below NOT redacted.

IAG (LSE:IAG) managed to close the session on the 23rd in a zone pointing at unbridled optimism to 420p with secondary at a longer term 458p. Given it's trading at 384p, this is quite a useful rise potential but, alas, it only exceeded trigger by 0.9p!

Trends and Targets for 23/10/2014

The FTSE had a confusing Wednesday. When we review that Big Picture scenario from Sunday evening, we tend expect a really grotty day anytime now. But rather surprisingly the market closed the 22nd in a position suggesting it intends growth to 6720 in coming sessions. It need only slip below 6320 to cancel such optimistic drivel...


IMP TOBACCO (LSE:IMT) would, in a fair world, be regarded as heading to 2985 next, a new all time high.

Trends and Targets for 22/10/2014

The FTSE had a mega Tuesday. When we'd written yesterday that the market needed only trade above 6357 this week to allow growth, we truly did not plan for the next day providing 150 points of elevation. The market closed at 6372 and FTSE Futures even managed a further 40 points. While our Big Picture still suggests the index is in a zone with a 5157 point bottom, we've seen some worthwhile signs pointing at, thankfully, a not unexpected escape attempt. Unfortunately the market needs now better 6823 to utterly confirm the recent drop was simply a blip on our radar.


IMI PLC (LSE:IMI) was royally stuffed by the recent market decline as the share price has been moved into terribly dangerous territory. In the event of it closing below just 1109p, it ticks the final box in an argument pointing at a bottom of 775p.

Trends and Targets for 21/10/2014

The FTSE had a funny Monday. As has become almost inevitable, the market was down but now as down as we've come to expect. In fact, it almost felt like lip service was paid to the usual Monday misery. In the coming week, we'll be quite interested if the market starts trading above 6357 for any reason as some useful growth becomes possible.

HSBC HOLDINGS (LSE:HSBA) continues our look at FTSE 100's not covered by our daily commentary.  It has a blue line which dates back to 2006. In the event of the share price managing to CLOSE above it - currently 714p

Trends and Targets for 20/10/2014

The FTSE The market is a funny old place. The week ended with what many people perceived as a stonking good day. We prefer think of it as "having pushed the knife in and spending a day twisting it, the knife was pulled out for a day." One heck of a lot of harm has been done to share prices over the last month and while the FTSE experiencing a 2% day may seem useful, from our perspective the majority of shares have been moved into dangerous territory.

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