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How to spot a successful investor

On Thursday I visited City Business library. It's a public reference library in London. The information I wanted was in Value Line, a peerless source of US stock research. Unfortunately there was a space on the shelf where Value Line should have been. A lady was thumbing through it at a desk nearby. "I'll be five minutes," she whispered, "Two..."

The difference between this encounter, and, say a chance meeting at a bus station is that you know you have something in common. A casual browser would put Value Line down pretty quickly.

Inflation can be a Good Thing

I was a very young person in the 1970s, but I can still remember inflation. One year I took a nine month sabbatical from my job to attend University and do a one year higher qualification. When I returned to work my colleagues greeted me with the stunning news that whilst I was away our pay claim had at last been settled and my salary had doubled - and I had back pay to boot. Glorious times for a kid with no responsibilities and a good job. We bought our first house together in 1977 for £7,500.



Read the papers – any paper – and what message is flavour of the month? Debt. Personal, horrible, immense and growing debt. And don’t just believe the papers; they all back up their Cassandra like prophesies with Government statistics. As one they scream; “Britons drowning in debt”, “Savings ratio at lowest for decades”, “Energy prices up 47% in a year”, “Disposable incomes falling rapidly”, “House prices rising at record rate” – Er, sorry, what was that last one?

Is nuclear the new green?

How many people died as a direct result of radiation from the Chernobyl disaster, twenty years ago? If you watched Horizon last night you'll know the answer. According to the Chernobyl Forum, an international coalition of scientific bodies, 56 people have died so far, most of them heroes sent in to clean the power station up.

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