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ITE: Walking a financial tightrope

The exhibitions organiser acutely exposed to recession in Russia and the Ukraine is diversifying but weakening its balance sheet.

Sleep on it!

It’s the stuff of science fiction, but here with us now. We really do learn in our sleep, another reason why patience is a virtue and the private investor’s advantage.

World Careers Network: Diving into deep value territory

There’s value in the developer of recruitment software, but getting at it might be difficult.

Finsbury Food AGM: Trust me, I'm a director

The baker’s board wants to have its cake and eat it.

Diploma: Acquiring to grow

Diploma is becoming increasingly reliant on acquisitions to maintain profitable growth, but the strategy is not doomed to fail.

Avon: Burning rubber

Unlike the previous decade, in recent years Avon Rubber has been relentlessly profitable. The re-energised supplier of gas masks and components for milking machines could be turning into a broader, stronger, specialist.

DotDigital: Little scope for disappointment

Buying shares in companies that are growing quickly is problematic when, despite the obvious attractions, they aren’t obviously good value.

SWP: Pipes, not dreams

Assets and potential earnings make pipe specialist SWP a candidate for investment, despite disappointing results.

Rolls-Royce: How many warnings?

They say profit warnings come in threes. At Rolls-Royce they haven’t stopped there. These are circumstances that really test long-term investors.

In control at FW Thorpe

A trip to Redditch reveals what keeps the lights on at a British manufacturing success.

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