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Generating investing ideas from data

How data and fuzzy human logic combine to generate original ideas, quickly.

Getting original investment ideas

Stage one in the stockpicking process is finding promising shares. They’re not likely to come to you.

Cohort: A tough hold

Decisions to buy or sell are easy, but deciding not to buy or sell can be very taxing.

Ricardo AGM: Something to applaud

It’s not often a shareholder stands at the end of an annual general meeting, thanks the board and the company’s staff, and leads other shareholders in a round of applause.

Identifying great companies

Great companies are profitable, distinctive and adaptable. They have competitive advantages and strategies to improve.

Dialight: Strategy shift reveals underlying weakness

New chief executive Michael Sutsko has outlined a bold but necessary plan to return the former stockmarket darling to profitable growth

Renishaw joins Share Sleuth portfolio

If it walks like a hidden champion, and it talks like a hidden champion, it probably is a hidden champion.

Scoring for success

By scoring shares for valuation risk, and companies for business risk, better investment decisions should follow.

AGM: Alumasc - after the recovery

Niche building products group Alumasc has recovered. At the company's AGM this morning, thoughts turned to the future.

Dunelm: Roll-out continues for #1 retailer

Homewares retailer Dunelm could be a business school case study of the perfect retail roll-out.

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