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What’s wrong with the City, and how to beat it

It’s the end of term. Time to take stock, and remember what Share Sleuth is all about.

Intangibles: When to include, and when to exclude

The decision whether to include or exclude intangible assets from financial ratios makes a huge difference to their values.

Newmark Security: Jam Today, and the day after tomorrow

Newmark’s exceptional results will not be repeated in 2016. Thereafter, there’s room for optimism..

Renishaw: Hidden champion

Renishaw’s results may be exceptional, but taking the longer-term view it’s a pretty exceptional company.

Games Workshop’s revenue problem

Games Workshop may not have convincingly raised revenue for over a decade. Why should we believe it’s going to from now?

Games Workshop: Inflection point

The modelling and fantasy wargaming company has changed the way it sells miniatures so it’s more profitable. The problem is, it’s selling less.

Colefax: Waiting on Europe

High end wallpaper and fabric designer Colefax continues to recover along with two of its three main geographical markets.

Goodwin: A verdict

Engineer Goodwin is a good company in difficult circumstances. Its future depends on how it copes with short and long-term challenges in the oil industry and manufacturing.

Ten questions for a long-term investing checklist

Checklists help you think more clearly., so you know when you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Goodwin: A tale of two halves

Profits from the oil industry have enriched Goodwin shareholders, but in the year to April 2015 they began to find out how an exemplary engineering company performs in less clement conditions.

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