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Trends and Targets for The FTSE on 14/11/2012

It's probably worth keeping an eye on the 5748 level today as it appears the market is developing a fascination with it. 

Trends and Targets for 14/11/2012

We were left with very mixed feelings regarding our FTSE comments yesterday. The drop failed to materialise, instead replaced with a rise which hit both targets. Any optimism for today risks vanishing should DOW Futures move below 12750 as there's sufficient weakness for a 150 point drop! The FTSE obviously will not escape such dramatics and now shows an overall bottom potential at 5644. Once again, we'll comment just after 10am on Wednesday.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE 13/12/2012

At time of writing (10am) the FTSE is at 5729

The index could not be seen as 'going up' until such time it exceeds 5770, this number declining by around 5 points per hour.

Unfortunately, the earliest safe signal pointing to the current drop slowing would be movement above 5743 as this has sufficient strength to target 5755 initially with secondary at 5767

Trends and Targets for 13/11/2012

Our intention of providing 5 successful movements in a row for the FTSE was dashed on Monday. The movement from trigger to target failed with only 50% achieved. With  hindsight, we should not have been surprised. The ruling trend remains downward toward 5662 with secondary at 5655 currently. It would now require to exceed 5795 before we'd require to recheck these numbers. We've decided to make our 10am commentary on the FTSE a daily  item and it will remain free as part of this header section..

Trends and Targets on The FTSE for 12/11/2012

Currently at 5780 at 10.02am Monday. Lots of nerves visible and no clear trend. We're not terribly confident about the day.

Trends and Targets for 12/11/2012

Our experiment of providing a 10am market update at went well. Three days of 'Target Met' on the FTSE is great for in-house confidence. We did experience some alarm when the Friday secondary target was breached but thankfully the market commenced some recovery shortly thereafter. It was not enough though! Make no mistake about the recovery.

Trends and Targets for The FTSE on 09/11/2012

Currently at 5766 at 10.12am, we have some trouble seeing the FTSE below 5734 in the near term and suspect a degree of bounce will occur should such a point be achieved. Given the market overall is in a decline cycle, it is unlikely any bounce would exceed 5754. If it does, the decline cycle is weakening.

Trends and Targets for 9/11/2012

The FTSE closed in a pretty dismal place where a bottom target at 5655 remains viable. In fact, market shuffles yesterday indicate 5640 may be possible! We do NOT expect such a massive movement in a single day.

 In the near term, it requires movement above 5816 to simply reduce the potentials of a near term drop but the risk is not cancelled until such time the market recovers above 5922. From simply viewing the visual placement on the chart, the chances of such a recovery currently look pretty dismal. However, perhaps some Euroshambles news may turn things around.

Trends and Targets. The FTSE on 08/11/2012

At time of writing, (09.58am) the FTSE is at 5809

Trends and Targets for 8/11/2012

Following the success of yesterdays FTSE play, we are inclined toward publishing a morning outlook in real-time just after 10am. The index moved to target 5922 within 30 minutes of our scenario, and thankfully did not exceed it. And then fell of a cliff. The drop experienced completed a logic allowing the FTSE to get down to around 5730 with secondary at a pretty unreliable  looking 5665. At time of writing, the market would require to recover above 5846 just to reduce the potentials of these bottom targets.

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