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Trends and Targets for 12/12/2012

The DOW JONES experienced quite a managed session on Tuesday evening. There were two movements, one just after 5pm and another at 6pm when the entire market was forced downward to test the ruling trend from December 6th. The implication given is a clear desire to stop 'things' coming up to fast.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 11/12/2012

Created at 09:55am. FTSE at 5929

The FTSE remains on track toward 5933. In fact, it may exceed it slightly in the absence of non-glad tidings to reach up toward 5937 before a degree of stutter. However, once the any fallback occurs, the next time it exceeds 5933 has the potential of running onward to 5956.

Currently the market would require to slump below this mornings low of 5908 to make this all go wrong. Which probably gives a clue as to where a stop loss should be below!

Trends and Targets for 11/12/2012

We keep a weather eye on shares subscribers have NOT asked about. New World Old is of slight interest as movement above yesterdays 10.25 allows for a pretty useful target at 11.3p with secondary ,if exceeded, at 13.5p. BAO on the other hand has just carried out a movement which exceeded our target of 15.5p. While it now risks spluttering a bit at the current level, essentially dancing around the 15.5p point, it computes with a longer target target at 24p. Which is impressive. Hopefully they don't do anything to blot their copybook.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 10/12/2012

Created 10/12/2012 at 10:25am. FTSE at 5896

Whatever is driving the market today is tending to have a slight dampening effect currently. Should the FTSE move below 5890 anytime soon, a drop toward 5870 calculates as valid. Visually, it looks pretty well destined and the market would require to blip above 5905 by 11am to cancel the entire prospect.

Trends and Targets for 10/12/2012

At time of writing on Sunday evening, FTSE futures are in a great position at 5920. Near term our FTSE target is sitting at 5933 and our wish that the FTSE would CLOSE above 5916 remains unfilled. Once the market closes above this point, we'll be pretty comfortable some decent times are ahead for the near future. Hopefully this will effect the AIM side of life.

If the FTSE closes above 5916, the ruling path target calculates at 6230 !

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 7/12/2012

Created 7/12/2012 at 09:55am. FTSE at 5898

Our pre-market report anticipated the FTSE finding a bottom around 5885 and nothing has occurred thus far to change that opinion. Our suspicion remains the market intends to target 5885 and hopefully bounce from that level later in the day. Interingly, any bounce which exceeds 5902 has the potential to continue on upwards toward 5920 [edit]

Of course, if 5885 breaks, all bets are off the table as the current recovery will be deemed 'dodgy' as the market risks further relaxation toward 5869


Trends and Targets for 7/12/2012

Is there a Santa?

 We can make a pretty good argument in favour of the FTSE opening around 5885 today. If it doesn't, the market will require to move above 5914 to spoil the potential. We've been banging on about the breakout point of closure above 5916 allowing a Santa Rally and London has spent the last four days teasing us. The trend from November 19th indicates a medium term path target for the FTSE at 6059. The market would currently require to slip below 5854 to ruin this potential.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 6/12/2012

Created 6/12/2012 at 09:59am. FTSE at 5914

The FTSE finally is showing some signs of direction though the rise stalled bang on our postulated target from our pre-market commentary. However, any movement above 5925 from now on should continue to an initial 5933. In fact, with todays flamboyant movements, it risks exceeding target slightly today 5937

Things to watch are the UK Pound and Euro rates announcements though signs suggest no jitters about this. However, the weekly US Jobs report at 1.30pm risks spoiling things.

Trends and Targets for 6/12/2012

The DOW Jones finally got around to doing something interesting last night with movements once the London closed indicating recovery toward 13100. We're a bit worried it failed to meet target by 11 points as this carries the suggestion for a lack of oomph.. The rise stalled at the barrier delineated by the high at 2.30pm on Monday which is a nuisance as it translates to 5904 on the FTSE.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 5/12/2012

Created 4/12/2012 at 10:25. Delayed in the hope of the market showing some direction.

Some pretty defensive movements on the FTSE for Wednesday have lessened the risk of a drop. However, the risk is only lessened and motion below 5861 remains with the risk of 5838.

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