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Trends and Targets for 31/01/2013

In our lunchtime commentary, we finally found the analogy to describe what we're doing. Essentially, we're trying to spot the exact second when a wave is going to break as the upward surge from the markets must surely find a falter point. Movements on the DOW JONES last night tended to indicate a small degree of relaxation as once again, the market made a motion toward 13905 in a session which was pretty miserable. For today, further movement below 13905 risks some slump to an initial 13880 with secondary at 13850.

Trends and Targets Misc. for 30/01/2013

 Some views from our perspective.


The FTSE - Currently at 6330

Trends and Targets for 30/01/2013

We've been pointing at major targets on the FTSE and DOW of 6375 and 14020 respectively. Both index' are getting seriously close to their potential target areas. As a result, our inclination is to examine possible points where some reversal can be anticipated. Currently, on the DJI, movements suggest 13905 has assumed some meaning to the market. A breach of such allows reversal toward 13850 which risks triggering further drops toward 13775. Surprisingly, neither number breaks the immediate 2013 uptrend, simply tests it.

Trends and Targets Misc. for 29/01/2013

 Some views from our perspective.


The FTSE - Currently at 6301

Trends and Targets for 29/01/2013

Our popular lunchtime commentary mentioned a near term target of 13915 on the Dow and we're pleased it was achieved somewhat exactly just 50 minutes later. However, given the rise was just a few points by DJI standards, perhaps not too impressive. Of some small concern is the detail our target was met and not exceeded as the session continued. Once again, this hints at a market making 'topping out' movements but the DJI would require to slip below 13850 currently before we'd make any assumptions as to reversal.

Trends and Targets Misc. for 28/01/2013

 Some views from our perspective.


The FTSE - Currently at 6294

A bit boring today. Based on movements this morning, a high of 6301 looks fairly viable. We've two logic currently pointing to such a point in the near term. It would require to slip below 6282 before we'd have any confidence in relaxation and even then, the amount looks fairly miniscule. Path targets remain high!

The DJI - Currently closed at 13895 and shut

Trends and Targets for 28/01/2013

When more than one client emails us about a share we've never charted, we tend to pay some attention. Chaarat Gold, LSE:CGH seem to have broken cover and are heading for an initial 33p. As the chart below illustrates, the share has broken its big downtrend from 2011 and is now achieving a series of higher highs. Common sense should expect a degree of stutter/fallback at the 33p level given it matches the highs from earlier in 2012.

Trends and Targets Misc. for 25/01/2013

Some views from our perspective.

Friday is becoming interesting. As Friday's usually scare the heck out of us, this makes a pleasant change!

The FTSE - Currently at 6270

Once the DOW opens, should the FTSE slip under 6248, move toward 6222 looks about right.

The DJI - Currently closed at 13825

Trends and Targets for 25/01/2013

Something interesting happened on the DOW JONES last night. We run constant simulations on the markets and the DJI managed to reverse it's rise completely in line with our drop logic. It even exceeded our target slightly for a few minutes by dropping below 13800 briefly at 6.48pm. What especially interests us is the market was forced down. Does this mean we've about to experience a period of downward volatility? Or does it mean people are noticing the DOW is approaching its "highest point EVER" and becoming understandably nervous.

Trends and Targets Misc Mumble for 24/01/2012

Sorry, we're unable to provide a lunchtime report today. Will be back on Friday.

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