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Trends and Targets for 6/12/2012

The DOW Jones finally got around to doing something interesting last night with movements once the London closed indicating recovery toward 13100. We're a bit worried it failed to meet target by 11 points as this carries the suggestion for a lack of oomph.. The rise stalled at the barrier delineated by the high at 2.30pm on Monday which is a nuisance as it translates to 5904 on the FTSE.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 5/12/2012

Created 4/12/2012 at 10:25. Delayed in the hope of the market showing some direction.

Some pretty defensive movements on the FTSE for Wednesday have lessened the risk of a drop. However, the risk is only lessened and motion below 5861 remains with the risk of 5838.

Trends and Targets for 5/12/2012

The charts given today on RBS and IMG are certainly worth some scrutiny as both show a couple of stocks poised on the edge of interesting movements.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 4/12/2012

10.16am. FTSE at 5880

Sorry we're a bit late today. For some reason, Tuesdays always present a problem with timekeeping!

Currently at 5880, the FTSE is presenting a scenario where movement toward 5897 looks about right. However, its been mucking around for the last 45 minutes and need only dip below 5874 to suggest any upward surge will probably be delayed until it breaks 5886. Which is not the most significant movement.

Trends and Targets for 4/12/2012

Sometimes we are accused of taking it personally when things don't go entirely as they should. Monday was a case in point. In our pre-market commentary we'd stressed the need for the FTSE to either make a specific triggering motion before noon or once the Dow Jones opened. Unfortunately the movement occurred after 12noon which meant it was doomed to failure as was shown from 1.04pm onward as the market was literally forced down against logic.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 3/12/2012

Created 03/12/2012 at 09:59 with the FTSE at 5876

So far today, the market is not giving much away today. If the FTSE closes above 5916, pretty comfortable in thinking a 'Santa' rally will be on the table. There's a detail about it needing to exceed Novembers high of 5923 but the odds would be pretty good.

The current slump will probably stop around 5868 but the danger is, should such a level break, it could flutter a while before sinking again toward 5856. The FTSE would require to exceed 5887 to erase these near term drop potentials.

Trends and Targets for 3/12/2012

Our live daily commentary on the FTSE appears to be attaining a degree of
importance. It can be viewed by clicking here for the
Investors page
From where the market closed on Friday, we remain able to
make argument in favour of a near term path target of 6050 with secondary at
6125 and to be blunt, both numbers look like a load of rubbish. However, to
expose them as frauds, the FTSE would require to slump below 5785 currently and

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 30/11/2012

Our decision to avoid giving market parameters due to the proximity of the 5 year trend was probably wise. If there's going to be any relaxation, an early warning signal will be movement below 5863 which allows for a drop toward 5840 at worst. However, if the FTSE exceeds 5890 once the DJI opens things could get quite interesting as the market will be outperforming in a zone where the initial upper target longer term is at 6125 (it still looks nonsense!)

Trends and Targets for 30/11/2012

The last day of the month has been DOWN on seven out of eleven months this year. And today is the last trading day of November and worse, a Friday. (our nemesis day). We've been able to call the opening movement pretty accurately every day this week and for today we do not intend to repeat the trick! We're wimping out as there are conflicting signals everywhere.

Trends and Targets on the FTSE for 29/11/2012

FTSE currently at 5853 at 10.20an.

The miracle news driving the market today has placed the FTSE in territory where it's outperforming itself. Should it now make a movement above 5860, there's sufficient oomph to provide 5891.  Rather unbelievably, the market has moved into a zone where a longer term 6125 computes as possible and would require falling below 5808 to cancel that logic.
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