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Precogz Daily Forecast 14/08/2012

The FTSE proved stronger than expected yesterday, stopping above our bottom target by 13 points. Whether this indicates the index is stronger than expected remains to be seen. Movement below yesterday’s low of 5813 remains with the potential of a drop to 5800.

Generally, we watch the DOW JONES during the evening in the hope of divining some thoughts for the next day. Last night, it remained fairly clueless in direction though upward movement of strength looks probable should it exceed 13211 as a movement toward 13320 will beckon.

Precogz Daily Forecast 13/08/2012

Our Monday ‘blog’ tends to be somewhat more in-depth as we utilise the weekend to take a hard look at the bigger picture rather than simply focussing on near term opportunities and threats.

If the FTSE were a share, we'd write something like - on route to 5955 with secondary at 6200. However, there is a risk of it running into a trend which dates back to 2007. As a result, movement in the near term above 5880 looks problematic but should the FTSE close above 5900, it enters territory where we can safely speculate on a move toward 6200.

Precogz Daily Forecast 10/08/2012

A Precogz forum has been created at We really welcome feedback and intend to be ‘live’ for Q&A sessions soon.

Precogz Daily Forecast 09/08/2012

Our initiative yesterday in talking about stocks we’ve been emailed about seemed to pay dividends for those involved in STAN and NVTA. Our comments on SAR also proved horribly valid but it’s never pleasant watching people waving goodbye as their investment goes on a holiday.

Precogz Daily Forecast 08/08/2012

A strange day on the FTSE followed by a stranger evening on the DOW. The market proved stronger than expected yesterday and even our gentle bottom target was not achieved by a pretty massive 14 points. We finished analysis with the uncomfortable sensation ‘something’ was not allowing things to drop too far, nor rise too far.

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