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Trends and Targets for 28/03/2018

DIGNITY (LSE:DTY) Having been asked about a company named after the famous Deacon Blue song, we took a hard look at their price potentials. In light of their principal activity, perhaps a miracle is due given the time of year. Then again, such miracles would probably prove bad for funeral companies...

Trends and Targets for 27/03/2018

DEBENHAMS & FACEBOOK too (LSE:DEB) (NYSE:SPY...) There is actually a pretty good reason we do not have a Facebook page. Aside from it being the cause of family meltdowns worldwide, we just don't like it! And when trying it out, the access demands to an Android phone verged on ridiculous to outright prying.

Trends and Targets for 26/03/2018

THE FTSE FORECAST (FTSE:UKX) With the market edging ever closer to the 6,800 level we've been moaning about for months, what happens if it breaks? Hopefully not a further diet of somnambulistic Formula 1 races or Top Gear rehashing old Top Gear programs.

Trends and Targets for 23/03/2018

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX)  Hopefully, one good thing to come from the "Ant & Dec" debacle shall be the demise of their Australian based 'I'm a Nonentity' program. It's existence colours opinions of an entire fabulous country - hosting F1 this weekend - and also an excuse to review the ASX too.

Trends and Targets for 22/03/2018

KINGFISHER (LSE:KGF) A little known fact about Kingfishers is, when they dive into water, they close their eyes, fishing blind! Additionally, their beak design is so aerodynamic may Japanese bullet trains are modelled to copy it! However, Kingfisher - the company - is another matter...

Trends and Targets for 21/03/2018

FERRARI (LSE:RACE) As the days draw ever closer to Ferrari' annual ritual humiliation in Formula 1, it seems a glance at their share price in New York is overdue. If, once again, we take the attitude the market "knows a thing or two", there appear to be quite a burst of nerves breaking out over Ferrari' prospects.

Trends and Targets for 20/03/2018

MICRO FOCUS INTERNATIONAL (LSE:MCRO) Every now and then, Red Flags come from the most unlikely sources. This lot, with the acronym MFI, set themselves up for calamity fairly early, if the defunct junk furniture behemoth was anything to go by.

Trends and Targets for 19/03/2018

FTSE THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) The market is driving us a little crazy currently. Regular readers will know we're fond of straight lines and currently, the one we regard as important - the trend since the apparently suicidal Brexit vote - is loitering at roughly 7150.735 points.

Trends and Targets for 16/03/2018

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) A bunch of folk requested we add the Nasdaq to our daily index analysis. This seemingly simple request was to prove a bit awkward in filling, due to disparity amongst various feeds. Finally though, we're happy at what we're looking at but it has thrown up a little problem.

Trends and Targets for 15/03/2018

CONVIVIALITY (LSE:CVR) As can probably be guessed, we're choosing to 'headline' shares which we're being emailed about. Often, it has to be said, we're being asked questions by folk who've been scared and scarred by some irrational price movements. Enter Miss Conviviality!

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