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Trends and Targets for 25/09/2017

THE FTSE THIS WEEK & A UFO (FTSE:UKX) Our outlook on Thursday evening was delayed slightly, due to one of our number wandering around in the dark trying to take a photograph of the Milky Way - the sky above his part of Scotland was unusually clear. Unsurprisingly, he failed to find an entire universe but did see something odd. A high altitude jet or perhaps a satellite suddenly turned right, literally executing a 90 degree turn with no apparent change in speed.

Trends and Targets for 22/09/2017

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) This week started well, then stopped. In fact, it was rather like Ferrari' performance in last Sundays grand prix, though not quite as funny. We're a bit concerned, 'cos rather a few shares have triggered downward travel though, quite oddly, the clown sector - the retail banks - are showing signs they wish increase in price. Let's just say we don't entirely trust 'em.

Trends and Targets for 21/09/2017

SKY & QINETIQ (LSE:SKY & LSE:QQ) Our last outpouring of misery about SKY postulated, once again, the probability of 919p making an appearance. It not only was finally achieved but unfortunately, the share managed drop signal, very briefly, below 919 before bouncing, literally all within a single minute, from 903p.

Trends and Targets for 20/09/2017

FRONTERA RES. (LSE:FRR) We've received rather a few emails regarding this lot and worse, noticed it's repeatedly one of the top chat topics in discussion groups on the internet. Our preference is to ignore sub 1p shares, due to price movements often appearing driven irrationally and also, we've a horror of being blamed ourselves as promoting any movement. Our 'thing' is to lay the groundwork where movement is liable to follow some sort of logic.

Trends and Targets for 19/09/2017

SSE (LSE:SSE) Just as the internet stuffed Yellow Pages, we sometimes wonder if all this energy saving nonsense will stuff electricity company expectations? A visit to our local council website to report a street light failure resulted in an LED streetlight being fitted, substantially brighter than the grudging orange sodium glow and, if our exterior LED floodlights are anything to go by, substantially cheaper to run.

Trends and Targets for 18/09/2017

Trends and Targets for 15/09/2017

Trends and Targets for 14/09/2017

Royal Dutch Shell (LSE:RDSB) By bettering 55 USD (marginally), there's a theory Brent Crude has enabled a game changing movement and is supposed to be on a cycle to 60 USD next with secondary, if bettered, at 71 USD. Of course, how much of this is due to hysteria over recent storms or the usual winter fakery remains to be seen! Perhaps we're placing undue credit on a day high of 55.20, especially as Brent Futures only reached 55.065...

Trends and Targets for 13/09/2017

FERRARI (NYSE:RACE) Some folk suspect trends can reliably predict the future. If this is so, apparently the Ferrari Formula 1 team probably face a pretty lacklustre weekend in Singapore as early trend signals are not great. Of course, the folks who know about "stuff" predict Singapore is a weekend where Ferrari should actually do rather well, whereas Mercedes are not highly rated. (Our interest in F1 Fundamentals is showing!)

Trends and Targets for 12/09/2017

Published 12th Sept. CASPIAN SUNRISE (LSE:CASP) and a bit of SAN LEON too (LSE:SLE) It's always nice to find a share with a cheery name on this day when we're reminded when the b****rds stole the magic of flying. Even after all these years, the special feeling of looking up at an airplane remains a fond memory. Instead, we just look down and wonder where the bottom is.

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