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Trends and Targets for 19/10/2017

THE DOW & BITCOIN (DOWi:DJI & BTCUSD) We've quite strong suspicions about crpyto-currencies, primarily due to reliable historical information as quite a few of the exchanges seemed run by enthusiasts giving widely different rates. In fact, it's very similar to the UK Pound relationship with the Euro currently. However...

Trends and Targets for 18/10/2017

MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS (LSE:MERL) If the UK Government are looking for folk to handle Brexit negotiations, the nice people who manage share price movements must surely figure high in their list of candidates. If we review the sleight of hand enacted by the market against investors with MERLIN' share price, it was brilliant.

Trends and Targets for 17/10/2017

ANGLO ASIAN MINING (LSE:AAZ) We commented recently about the possibility of some frothy times ahead for some AIM shares, given the usually unforgiving marketplace has apparently entered a further growth cycle. In fact, we almost believe the usually invisible Santa Rally may already be under way.

Trends and Targets for 16/10/2017

FTSE THIS WEEK & THE DAX (FTSE:UKX & DBI:DAX) It's probably one of these uncomfortable subjects but it's become increasingly difficult to ignore what's happening in Germany. The smart money has spent October frantically shorting a market which has refused to drop while discounting the salient detail Germany has been getting high.

Trends and Targets for 13/10/2017

SIRIUS MINERALS & FTSE FOR FRIDAY (LSE:SXX & FTSE:UKX) With some shares, the temptation to open the drawer in the coffee table and extract all the coloured pens (hidden between grandchild visits) can prove difficult to resist. Sirius Minerals - aka the flatline share - is a case in point as it's doing nothing interesting. Presumably some news is awaited?

Trends and Targets for 12/10/2017

FAROE PETROLEUM (LSE:FPM) Sometimes price manipulation can be useful. We've had a bunch of emails regarding this share and it's not difficult to understand the interest. Basically, the share price is approaching a downtrend and it's not beyond the bounds of possibility it's due some sort of movement. It also provides an excuse to lecture on trend behaviour as we've circled a clue.

Trends and Targets for 11/10/2017

HURRICANE ENERGY (LSE:HUR) With all the recent publicity given toward hurricanes, it seems strange Hurricane Energy failed to capitalise on how popular their naming inspiration is! While share price movements since our last analysis have proven somewhat lacklustre (link here) the share price has achieved and bettered our initial growth target of 33p while the drop cycle appeared determined not to break 26p. Perhaps some strength is actually evident.

Trends and Targets for 10/10/2017

88 ENERGY (LSE:88E) Presumably this lot issued some grotty news. Last time we commented, (link here), we gave 3.45 & 3,85p as upward targets, both of which were achieved. Then it fell off a cliff! Thankfully, there's something a bit puzzling about the drop as we would have expected the share to reach 0.37p and bounce. Instead, it appears the market is making an effort to ensure it does not fail below 0.825p, so perhaps some hope remains.

Trends and Targets for 9/10/2017

Trends and Targets for 6/10/2017

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