About the blog

This blog aims to further our understanding of how to profit consistently from the stockmarket by:

  1. selecting a portfolio of companies that should do better than the stockmarket average and compensate us for inflation.
  2. determining the state of the stockmarket

In other words, it’s an experiment.

Finance theory tells us it’s not possible, or at least it’s very difficult, to beat the stockmarket consistently in the long-run. Studies of private investors and professional fund managers demonstrate very few do.

But the fact that a particular style of investing, value investing, reliably beats the market means theory is wrong, or, at least, there are exceptions...

My name’s Richard Beddard. I’m companies and markets editor of Interactive Investor, and I’ve taken up the challenge of:

  1. beating the market
  2. explaining how

My goal is to be completely honest. To document every trade, ‘fess up to every mistake, and to own up to what I don’t know, as well what I think I know.

Enjoy the blog, and if you’d like to know more:

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