Protect your portfolio from falling markets

Holly Black looks at the merits of financial instruments investors can use to safeguard a long-only portfolio over the short term.

Ride the market waves with a hedge

Mike McCudden shows how to offset an expected loss in your SIPP by using your cash holding to open a hedge.

How CFDs can shield your gains from the taxman

Barriers have appeared on the path that allows gains to be shielded from capital gains tax. But contracts for difference offer a way forward, says Ceri Jones.

An introduction to CFDs and spread betting

The recent unprecedented volatility on markets presents opportunities for investors willing to turn to CFDs and spread betting, says Mike McCudden.

PEG can prove invaluable for traders

Looking at the ratio of a company's share price to earnings without considering future growth can blind-side you, which is why PEG can prove invaluable, says Mike McCudden.

How to get ahead with CFDs

Contracts for difference have become an increasingly popular vehicle for well-heeled investors to play the market, but for the uninitiated there's plenty to take on board before diving in, warns Peter Temple.

Cash in on the ups and downs of the market

In the world of spread betting and contracts for difference, you can win whatever the market does.

Getting to grips with CFDs

Contracts for difference can enable investors to leverage portfolio returns, profit from market volatility and hedge against losses. However, as Cherry Raynard reports, they come with a health warning.

CFDs can be a useful investment tool

Ceri Jones explains why CFDs are useful instruments for managing risk or providing geared exposure to shares and markets.