Lloyds still favourite despite dividend threat

Lloyds Banking dividend threat bank sector Brexit fightback price targets

Banks have sold off sharply since the Brexit vote, but it's not all doom and gloom and the sector still has its supporters, writes Lee Wild.

FTSE 100 stages incredible fightback

FTSE 100 stages incredible fightback

Buyers are back in town and snapping up cheap shares, but it's just a few days since the Brexit vote and Lee Wild doubts we're over the worst.

George Osborne tries to save FTSE 100

George Osborne Chancellor steady FTSE 100 damage share losses Brexit budget

The chancellor has attempted to reassure markets in their darkest hour, but equities remain incredibly vulnerable, writes Lee Wild.

Top trades on Brexit day

Interactive investor top trades EU referendum Brexit day profit from value stock

While the first 10 minutes of trade Friday were chaotic, investors were quick to snap up cheap stock. Lee Wild reveals the favourite shares on this historic day.

Is Brexit world's first DIY recession?

Brexit EU referendum Leave result economic damage DIY recession experts

Initial indications suggest experts' forecasts about economic fallout from Brexit are coming true - but will it be a 'do-it-yourself recession'? Faith Glasgow investigates.

Neil Woodford's wisdom on Brexit

Neil Woodford Brexit real economic challenges later volatility uncertainty

There's a very real risk of overreacting to shock news, but star fund manager Neil Woodford is keeping a cool head. Lee Wild reports on his reaction to Brexit.

FTSE 100 rally nears 500 points on polling day

FTSE 100 rally nears 500 points on polling day

Both pollsters and the bookies are backing victory for the 'Remain' camp. Lee Wild reveals who's leading the latest leg of the FTSE 100 rally.

George Soros: Brexit could trigger 'Black Friday'

George Soros hedge fund investor EU referendum Brexit pound sterling fall 20%

This hedge fund investor made $1 billion shorting sterling in the last European referendum. Now he warns Brexit could cause the pound to fall 20%, reports Kyle Caldwell.

14 stocks to own if we vote 'Remain'

European Union referendum swing to remain stocks to own #euref Brexit fears

The EU referendum is already throwing up trading opportunities, writes Harriet Mann. Some of these are a 'buy' whichever way the vote goes.

Fan gives verdict on Lloyds Brexit impact

Lloyds Banking Brexit impact EU referendum UK mortgages Remain polling

Lloyds has just hit an 11-day high on 'Remain' hopes. But what happens if things swing back the other way? Lee Wild reveals what this analyst thinks.