The state of the post-Brexit UK economy

The state of the post-Brexit UK economy inflation employment retail sales data

With retail sales up, employment at a record high and inflation low, one might think Brexit barely knocked the UK - but we can't see its full effects yet, explains Marina Gerner.

Will interest rates stay low forever?

interest rates lower forever decades 0.1% rate cuts Bank of England

Last week's post-Brexit monetary stimulus package has experts wondering if, or when, rates will ever go back up, reports Kyle Caldwell.

Bank of England halves interest rates

Bank of England halves interest rates monetary policy Carney Brexit recession

In a widely-expected move to head off threats of a recession, the Bank of England has cut rates to 0.25% and announced a third round of QE, reports Kyle Caldwell.

Weak pound to deliver Brexit dividend windfall

weak pound vs dollar vs euro benefit investors dividend windfall USD cable

Sterling's Brexit nosedive is stoking fears for UK Plc's prospects, but some income investors will be quids in this year. Kyle Caldwell explains.

Interest rates will not rise until summer of 2020

Interest rates will not rise until summer of 2020

Interest rate hike expectations have been pushed back following last month's Brexit vote.

Carney delivers rate shock

Mark Carney Bank of England rate MPC decision interest rates stay 0.5 no QE

Hotly tipped to cut rates and maybe even launch more QE, the Bank of England governor has made his decision. Smart move, reckons Lee Wild.

Toxic mix for retail sector

UK retail sector high street shops Brexit share price crash broker downgrades

Retailers are incredibly vulnerable to a downturn in consumer demand, and these experts have adjusted expectations accordingly. Lee Wild reports.

Three scenarios for post-Brexit markets

Brexit Eu referendum economic fallout results forecasts scenarios credit crunch

While post-referendum crystal-gazing can only take us so far, these experts have sketched out three possible scenarios for markets. Money Observer's Marina Gerner reports.

FTSE 100 smashes through 6,600

FTSE 100 rally post Brexit continues miners safe havens win housebuilders crash

A spectacular post-referendum rally has just exceeded 800 points, but who's driving the FTSE 100 this week? Lee Wild has the details.

FTSE 100 rally reaches 799 points

FTSE 100 London blue-chip index weightings rally continues Brexit never happen

June will go down in financial history for many reasons, but July is historically a strong month too. Lee Wild has the latest on what's moving markets.