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A rewarding FX strategy for equity investors

A rewarding FX strategy for equity investors

There's some valuable advice here from investing legend Ken Fisher on how to deal with volatility in currency markets. There are a couple of share tips, too.

How currency movements can wreak havoc with your ISA portfolio

 How currency movements can wreak havoc with your ISA portfolio

Winning investments can be undone by exchange rate movements. David Prosser explains how investors can manage this risk.

Weak pound 'supercharges' UK dividends

Weak pound 'supercharges' UK dividends

Enjoying the biggest FX benefit to dividend income since the financial crisis, investors are in line for a windfall of £5.6bn this year, reports Lee Wild.

Hidden strength at RBS?

Hidden strength at RBS? technical analysis trends targets Deutsche Bank Brexit

Chartist Alistair Strang expected RBS to keep plunging after the hit from Deutsche Bank's fine, but it's stuck above this level. Has it found support - or is it still doomed?

Here's where sterling could see a surprise bounce

Where sterling could see a surprise bounce technical analysis

Wise heads say the pound is heading toward parity with the euro, but technical analyst Alistair Strang's chart suggests it's extremely unlikely to be a direct path.

FTSE 100 chart analysis from referendum night

chart analysis UK EU referendum Brexit gold brent crude pound dollar technical

With UK markets reeling from a shock Brexit victory, technical analyst Alistair Strang has chimed in with key numbers for the FTSE 100, crude oil, gold and the pound.

Sterling hits 2016 high against dollar

sterling dollar foreign exchange 2016 high EU referendum vote Remain Brexit

The pound reached its highest level of the year against the dollar overnight as optimistic traders bet Britain would stay in the EU, reports Money Observer's Kyle Caldwell.

Why yen is a safe haven for Brexit worriers

US Fed interest rates macroeconomics Brexit EU hedge yen Bank of Japan

As UK markets are squeezed by the spectre of 'Brexit' and global fears over the risks of ultra-low interest rates, Money Observer's Andrew Pitts offers an unlikely hedge.

Charts: Oil, FX and Centamin

Technical analysis Alistair Strang Centamin Brent crude EUR/GBP Forex

There's plenty of interest in Brent crude, euro-sterling and gold stocks currently. Technical analyst Alistair Strang reveals the big numbers to watch for.

Pound on path to parity vs dollar?

Pound on path to parity vs dollar?

Alistair Strang's charts suggest one heck of an argument for the pound to get close to parity versus the dollar. He has the latest target price on Morrisons, too.