Funds News

Emerging markets set to make a boom

Selective investors with a good sense of timing could make a killing in strongly rebounding European emerging markets, writes Fiona Hamilton.

Henderson High Income ready to recover

While last year was a torrid time for Henderson High Income, Alex Crooke is confident that normal service will be resumed for investors, finds Iain Murray.

Global fund managers ruling the roost

In part two of Money Observer's look at the best-performing fund managers, we take our reach global to see which managers have been beating the odds to give investors first-class returns.

Solid gold performers

Outperforming your peers year after year is no mean feat. Ruth Emery uncovers the managers that consistently come top of their sectors.

Sky's the limit for Newton Real Return fund

The future might be rosy for the Newton Real Return Fund as it aims to deliver real returns but with less volatility, says Rob Griffin.

Golden rules for gilts

Government bonds - or gilts - are supposed to be the ultimate in secure investments. Helen Pridham assesses when that holds true and explores the potential routes investors can take.

Yield a steady income from your investment

In these tough times, income can be hard to find. But when it comes to getting decent dividends, investment trusts can play a vital role.

Is now the time to invest in Japan?

For 20 years Japan has stagnated, but company cost-cutting at home and China's stellar growth may drive future expansion, says Faith Glasgow.

Understanding new asset classes

Most investors are familiar with the merits of traditional asset classes. However, it's far from obvious which new additions will become winners. Fiona Hamilton offers a few pointers.

Equity income offers something for everyone

The equity income sector offers immediate and long-term returns for investors, says Fiona Hamilton.