Funds News

What type of investor are you?

Diversity's the name of the game when it comes to your mix of investments, but first you need to know what kind of investor you are.

Smaller companies on the march

With the smaller companies sector leading the market recovery, Gervais Williams and his large team of stockpickers have seen their meticulous approach vindicated, writes Iain Murray.

How structured products work

Protected equity bonds are an example of structured products in their simplest form. Helen Pridham shows where your money goes when you invest.

Getting physical for diversification

Gold, timber, coins and other 'hard' assets are making decent gains. Peter Temple shows how easy and cheap it can be to create your own mixed basket.

Why the trends are their friends

Managed futures funds tend to do very well when there's a lot of volatility about and when clear long-term trends emerge. The performance figures speak for themselves, says Ceri Jones.

Asia fulfils all ambitions

Investors targeting income and growth did well with Asia-oriented funds. Helen Pridham produces a scorecard for our fund tips and suggests which ones to hold on to it 2010.

Racy funds hit spot for private investors

In a record year for retail fund sales, DIY investors are favouring the more racy funds and sectors in comparison with the funds selected by financial advisers for their clients.

Rebalancing for diversity holds up well

Multi-asset funds are popular with advisers, but there's division over whether the multi-manager concept is being overspun.

Five funds tipped for resurgence

Four of last year's five unloved funds rose to join the cream of the crop. Our advisers believe this year's 'fab five', which are already doing well, can repeat the feat.

How would you like your income?

From lower-yielding equity funds that grow returns over time to bond funds aiming to deliver bigger immediate returns but with higher risk, our advisers pinpoint the investments that could be right for you.