Funds News

Asia gets a good hearing

Financial advisers fear an anaemic UK recovery, but opportunities abound in India, China and other Asia Pacific countries, writes Helen Pridham.

Bountiful income streams

Corporate bond funds are unlikely to repeat the stellar returns of 2009, but with defaults running well below expectations experts see plenty of scope for gains, reports Helen Pridham.

Europe stands tall on recovery map

A cluster of European countries have been quietly taking the recession in its stride and attracting the attention of investors. Ceri Jones explains.

Tread carefully in emerging markets

Developing markets are speeding along in top gear, but Heather Connon finds some fund managers worrying that the money pouring in might result in a blown gasket.

Big-name firms to lead the recovery

Large UK-listed companies with exposure to overseas growth markets are expected to be the big winners in a year that could also see the stockmarket revisit the low points of March 2009, reports Heather Connon.

Scottish Widows fund is the Real deal

The Scottish Widows UK Real Estate Fund's flexibility to trade in shares gives it a head start over rivals that invest directly in bricks and mortar, says Rob Griffin.

Active managed sector deserves attention

The active managed sector is relatively unloved with its 99 constituents' combined assets totaling less than £6 billion. However, its ability to diversify in these changing times makes it a sector with much untapped potential, says Fiona Hamilton.

Go for global positioning

Bonds, shares, property and commodities have bounced back with a vengeance. Heather Connon asks our panel of global strategists which assets can sustain the gains.

Investment trust picks for 2010

Picking trusts to guide you out of the financial wilderness has been challenging of late. Fiona Hamilton seeks expert advice.

Where should you invest in 2010?

Where would you invest £3,000 in the current climate? It's a tough one, so Faith Glasgow asked our panel of experts for some investment guidance.